Monday, 1 August 2011

You Plan. And Allah Plans. Doesn't Take Much To Figure Who's Better?

I had the interview that I last posted about. It was interesting. The interview itself went fairly well. He asked a lot of questions. He then asked me "have you any questions?"

My last question was "have you any doubts whether I'm suitable for this position?" he changed his posture and smiled. "I have a few reservations" he said, and he elaborated.

I heard from them a couple of a days ago. "I have some good news and bad news." "Okay, hit me up" I said.

A lot was said. In a nutshell he said "He doesn't think you're suitable for this position. He thinks you wouldn't be happy and believes you're far more talented. He also said in a serious manner, you have potential to become a politician." At this point I started to laugh "He was dead serious when he said that. So basically, he wants to try and get you in into a project management consultant role. Even though you're 22, he sees so much potential in you." I was taken back and I agreed to another interview.

The very next day I heard back from one of my favourite companies of all time. I passed their test and I got through to the second stage. My dream place to work, ever since I was a kid. I was invited for a 10 hour assessment day. Don't get me started!

This is when the week had started. I had plotted a 540 mile road trip for this journey.

I left on Saturday and I drove 150 miles down to Geetar Hiro's place. We had one hell of a time (as usual) with the boys. I stayed until Fajr of Tuesday. I was busy preparing like mad for the interview. I only slept 50 minutes, if that. I left early hours and drove about 80 miles to my interview. I arrived 1hr 35mins early. Note to self: Don't take advice from GH again.

The assessment day was rock solid. A team of 8 interviewers throughout the whole day, and every one of them would get an opportunity to assess me. It started with a presentation. Interview. 3 individual assignments. 3 group assignments. One negotiation task. And an exam that I won't be forgetting any time soon.

The buffet was the highlight of the day. I was absolutely starving and I'm not shy when it comes to food. Mmmhmm (it's time for sehri in an hour, I'm getting hungry!) At end of the day I felt confident and proud. Proud because I gave it my best.

From the assessment centre, I drove another 80 miles to one of my best friends house to stay for the night as the journey back home was too far. I want you to hold and remember this part of the journey, I will come back to this real soon.

Now I heard back from both companies two days ago. The project management position was filled sooner than they expected by someone far more experienced. And I didn't get the second one. I didn't feel upset. I genuinely know I tried my best. I tied my camel real hard. Infact, I tied that dude so hard, I can get done for cruelty!

This journey in finding rizq (provision) was an excuse.

Bear with me whilst I digress. 16 months on since Aisha. That's how long it took for Allah to show me why. I get it now.  Like totally. Just like the others now. I have that feeling of peace and serenity of why she wasn't for me. I make this super duper dua whenever I look into a suitor. One of the things I ask for from Allah is that "If she's best the for me in all my affairs in both this dunya and the akhira." And he responds. Now, I'm not worthy enough of his attention but he's answered my duas. I can only continue to sit in humility. 

I thought it would be more difficult. I thought maybe... in everything that I do, I'm wrong. I thought. And I thought. My last of thoughts was that now isn't my time. 

I thought wrong.

Wrong because I think... I think I may have found her. 


  1. You and your subtle endings!
    just for the sake of cuiosity..when are you posting next?
    Glad to see that things went well for you.

    Ramadan Mubarak :)

  2. hey...i asked u something on ur last post...u dint reply..or did u ?

  3. c'mon, spit it out!

  4. You do make me laugh SS with your little anecdotes!

  5. Assalamualaikum and ramadan mubarak,

    I hope all is well with you. I am in a situation that there is a sister I've wanted to marry for a long time.... never had the guts to ask her, and when I did, I was super nervous and left a real bad impression. We used to be good friends [im still strong frineds with her family], but she removed me from her friends list on facebook. :(

    Kind of sad considering she was the only person I've wanted to marry for over 6 years (no, we have not been seeing each other or anything like that) and I've turned down every girl for the past 8 years, some extremely beautiful ones. There was a post earlier [can't remember where] where you said this person should inspire you to be a better you and she was the only one to be able to do that for the longest of time. I hope one day Allah unites us because I'm not thinking of just this life. I wish to be with this person in the next as well in Jannah, Ameen. Please make dua for me InshAllah.

  6. Your Truly - Ramadan Mubarak! :D

  7. SI - Oh do share these anecdotes I speak cause I ain't seeing nutin' here.

  8. Anonymous - You're going to have to explain more. How did you approach her?

    Turning girls down for the past 8 years? Wow, that's a real big mistake. Khair.

    Feel free to mail me.

  9. SS I didn't mean anything in a negative way. Your posts make me laugh, that's all.

  10. SI - Hahaha laugh or *cringe* laugh?

  11. Salaam, just discovered your blog through Beauty of Islam. Brother, you're going through everything I'm going through right now, and I started this journey 3 years ago. You give me hope that even while you're starting your journey so young, one should always make a complete Dua. Going to start making that Dua too to find a good husband In shaa Allah.