Friday, 8 April 2016

When Domestication Strikes

Assalamu Alaikum old friends. Longest time yet.

Recently I came across A letter to my 20 year old self. It scares me that I, SoulSeek wrote this.

Sure, over the last couple of years I've travelled over some 80,000 miles, learnt some incredible lessons during my travels, become a husband and had a few more surgeries. I believe I have created some value. However, this guy... he was something else.

I recently come across a folder called 'Ideas'. It was just that - a dumping ground where I wrote passing thoughts and plans. I wrote in here many years ago.

One entry contained the following:

"I  have everything to offer to this world. I come from a place of where failing is not an option.

I am going to change dynamics of where I live locally and nationally.

I have a clear and defined methodology that will create change. It works because this how key people created ripples in history. I also have more. Our society and our youth are facing a unique set of circumstances. I've been a product of those circumstances and I have overcome them. I know what it takes to be this change.

I have this vision of my own place, a large warehouse or academic centre. Heck it can be a shed. It will be the hub to mentor and support others. I will employ some of the very best people this country has to offer. People with heart. We will build a movement across the country.

I want to create independent thinkers that can deal with broken homes, crappy relationships and stand up for the truth. We will become the best versions of ourselves. Islam is what guided me and it will always remain as my ideology. My invitation to you is to think. We will progress physically, mentally and spiritually. We will revive as individuals and as a nation once again.

I have the tools to support you.

I will not rest until I liberate Al-quds from the oppressors. Or that Allah blesses my children to follow lead if I fail.

Me and you are going to change our lives. Our families. Our communities. First, change begins at home - with you.

My end goal is to please Allah."

And it went on.

I am not this man right now and I have not been this man for a while. I've suppressed him and I've typically become the man I never wanted to be. Sentenced to work 5 days a week looking for a house in order to extend this sentence. Excited for the weekend to catch up on sleep, pray in the masjid and quite frankly; the simpler things in life.

I simply have no words.

I welcome your thoughts, Jazakallah Khair.

P.S. I've missed this; you guys. A lot