Saturday, 18 October 2014

Reaping What I Have Sown

I have my finest Cambodian Oudh on. Of course it's for a special occasion.

I'm sat in one of 7 cars being driven to collect Mrs SoulSeek.

The back seat is empty. It's calm and it's serene. The complete opposite of what has been over the last week. The last month. The last year. And as far as I can remember. Such is life.

These are the small things you truly begin to appreciate.

I thank Allah for granting me this opportunity and this kind gift. I thank you all for dua and your continued support.

Every individual that has contributed to their own cause in self-development, the journey to marriage or quite simply commented on this blog; you're very special.

Much love. Allah bless each and every one of you.

I feel like my life was on hold for the past 2 years since this begun. May this open doors for greatness and the opportunity to write more.

Today, a new chapter begins.

I'm excited. So, darn excited!

She is the coolness to my eyes and the comfort of my heart.