Saturday, 30 April 2011

It's Official

Pakistani's are the most difficult people in the world. In every single aspect, hands down.

Na, they can't give a straight answer for anything. I swear our forefathers had a special procedure of dropping every child on their head from 5ft 9.3 inches, just to be sure they instilled some kind of crazy in them. We must go through a minimum of 3 hoops, swap our left hand with our right hand. And perhaps do some kind of shirk whilst we're at it. Yup, that's us.

Then there's always the good. Our jokes? No one tops them. I've been trying to decipher how our elders work. I've just accepted they're paks. And that's it. Don't question it. Just excuse it.

Kao peeo teh aish karo! That's how we roll. 

That Week

You know when you sometimes have that week. That week over lets say 15/20 weeks where you really struggle with yourself? In every single aspect. When it all comes crashing down.

And you think. What is the point?

Its happening right now. I like to think I know the remedy. I want to accept it. But I just don't feel like doing jack all.

It's happening again. I have so much to say but I struggle to write. Time.

Monday, 18 April 2011

An Update

I'm going to try for a 15 min update. Time starts... now!

I've started on quest #3 insha'Allah, it should take a couple of years to manifest. It makes all the time I'm investing beneficial. I pray Allah (swt) makes it easier with sincere intentions.

For quest 1, we had a potential prospect over. The mother, daughter and sister. Awesome, awesome family. Me and the alima's brother are good friends. He said he doesn't know anyone better who he'd give his sister away to. Real brotherhood masha'Allah :)  It was more of family friends coming over for dinner as opposed to marriage. However, the mother spoke to me privately. I asked her to seek approval from her daughter before anything happened. She's an alima. Interesting prospect. She's about 2 years younger than me, making her the second youngest prospect of all those I've pursued. Her mother said she's going to take her Syria to study as a part of her Alima studies this summer. I'm going to casually meet her eldest brother for a grilling session in a few weeks.

12 minutes to go..

Work. I'm a contracted consultant. A very small percentage can make this position in their early twenties. My contract is due, so I finish tomorrow maybe? I could pick up more projects but I'm somewhat disorientated. It pays really well. I work whenever I want. I do the hours I want. I enjoy what I do. Dream job right? I'm going to call it a day. There's something more I want. Higher aspirations.

I have to make a decision that will affect quest 1 and 2.  Ah man, big decisions. I can't take this stuff lightly. It does change everything.

(At this point, I ended up responding to an email.) So, 3 minutes to go...

Aisha was the only prospect I had strong feelings for. This part of me that really cared for her. She hit some nerve no female has before. Any how, someone told me she was asking about me. She heard I was getting married (????). She's getting married. When I heard this I felt like a slab fell on my chest. It was heavy. But then there was this part of me that was glowing with smiles for her. Finally, things are looking up for her. I always wanted her to succeed. I would always make dua for her. She's special. Just hope this dude is up to scratch. 

And it's time! (Well I went a few minutes over, meh who cares) 

Calling it a night with a funny video:


And a funny picture:


Sunday, 10 April 2011

I've Finally Found What I've Been Looking For

I had an epiphany. It all started at 5:30am at fajr on the 28th of March. I was really tired, went back to bed straight after Salah. Body aching from the heavy training. The soul and body yearning for more rest. The brain had other plans, it went into overdrive. It happened for 4 hours the first time. Then it continued a few days after. Whilst it was happening, I didn't go to work. I didn't read any books and I didn't write any notes. I just lied there and let it happen. A revelation in action. A wealth of information being delivered. One after another.

It made perfect sense. Every single thing. Cut all the rhetoric and drama and all the crap in the air. I see it. I have all the answers I've been looking for.

A new quest has now made its way into my life.

“The man who actually knows just what he wants in life has already gone a long way toward attaining it.” - Napoleon Hill

Originally my quest was to find the one. I then had another personal quest that I wanted to achieve. Now a third quest has made its way. All these quests are independent, they don't clash or rely on each other. They do intertwine and meet at some point. Insha'Allah 1 and 3 make sense together, it's a thing of beauty. I'm working on all of them. What good is all this jibberish without a diagram?!

Everyone's a WINNER!!!

I have a series of tasks to accomplish and even though I can do it simultaneously, the truth is I'm loving bachelorhood. Ladies and Gentlemen. For the first time since this started, I'm thinking of coming off the market. I'm going through this phase at the moment where I just cannot stop reading. I am reading anything and everything. For the first time, I'm starting to feel less rushed. I am in complete control. I've got my desires under locks. And more importantly I'm becoming a man of value. At long last. My predictions fell short of a few years but it's what I've been striving for. My friends would always hold my in a high regard but I try plaster my qualities with modesty. Arrogance is a big dear. My dua every morning is to make the day without an ounce of arrogance entering my heart. Everyday the ritual begins, pure intentions for his sake, mine too. The penny drops.

To my seven successful failures. Thank you. You played well. I know you're all good girls. Of course you are, I picked you. I did see something there. However, you just wasn't the one for me. I do dua you make it some day.

Here's the deal. You remember all those times when things went awkward? Or when poo hit the fan? That was all wonderful. It all played out well. I didn't just walk away thinking "another bites the dust". I thought about it. And I thought about. And I thought about it some more. I took the whole reflection thing to another stage. It was never just about marriage. For 3 years, it was about the journey. I developed myself leaps and bounds ahead of my peers.

I went in to get burnt. I knew it was the only I would learn. First hand experience. The more potentials I went through the easier it would become. To point where it was easy. The emotional aspect worked a charm. I've overcome all the barriers I started with. I can now proudly wear the omega male badge. It takes a fine amount of tuning to balance the Alpha and Beta male traits. Early in the process I was afraid of going 100% with my instincts, I felt that I was too much for some girls. I intimidated them. Now, I just get it.

I spiced up my variety of prospects. They were all practising but each had very distinct traits. From the most beautiful girls I have laid my eyes on to the smartest of women. From the most religious ones to those with adorable characteristics. You all made me understand myself and every damn thing about me and around me. I get it all. I feel on top of the world. I always possessed healthy doses of self-esteem, image and confidence. Now I'm just upping my game.

It would be sad to call this the end. I'm still thinking about it. We'll see where the next few weeks take me. I will continue to finish off the stuff I started writing.

The most eligible bachelor. Scoring the one. Being the man I've always wanted to be. I got it. Tick, tick and tick. I've solved the conundrum.

You can do all these things too. It's a lifetime of perfection but learn how to get started early. Become a man of understanding. Stick to the Qur'an and Sunnah and you will never mess up. All your pursuances, do it halal. There will be so much barakah in your future. Keep it clean and you'll be full of gleam.


Friday, 8 April 2011

Moments Of Regrets

A survey was carried out here on regrets. Romance topped out as the most frequent one.

"Roese said many of those who took part in the survey were eager to do so, and some even became tearful as they spoke."

Then this part here, is ever so profound:

“Regret is something that can push people into better success in the future,” Roese said. “It’s a motivator. ... It’s a benefit if you take a lesson and move on quickly. It’s a problem if you keep [re-living] that same regret over and over again.”

My concious is clear, I have no major regrets.

For those of you who became people of understanding. Did you make any decisions you regret? Did you turn down any good suitors because your criteria of thinking at the time were not so good ideals? Your experiences and views?

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lets Get Intimate With IntimateMuslim asked me if I could share their site with you guys. After receiving a few mails from them. Absolutely!

Short, sweet and to the point. I like it. Reminders of simple things. Things that we know but over time they become the things lack and/or forget.

Their approach is on form too. I did once say "Hey... these guys are in with the times." It's refreshing.

Here's one I received recently. It really made me laugh and say "I like that, I'm gonna pimp these guys out!"


Fill Her Bucket

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Assalaam alaykum wa rahmetullahi wa barakatuhu,

Brothers, imagine a dream world where your wife wants to have sex! Well, we admit, it's not easy but that dream world is achievable. "How? HOW?!" you impatiently inquire. Well, imagine her body is a bucket. In the morning, start filling this bucket with love and affection, care and kind words. By night time, when the bucket's full, it will overflow with sexual desire!

Sisters, when you feel aroused (or not), don't hesitate to make a move. Don't worry, he won't think you're a *insert_bad_word_here*, rather he'll be overjoyed! When a man is wanted by his wife, he gets an unimaginable boost to his self-esteem and insha Allah he'll get really creative. One can only hope!

Jazak Allahu khayr.


Word. We certainly won't think you're a "*insert_bad_word_here*" (sniggers). I know I'd be dancing away like this:

IntimateMuslim. Don't be afraid to send out more raw stuff like above. I liked that. That's why I posted it here.

Even though it's for married people. Single people.. it's okay! Some of the materials and techniques shared are Islamic concepts that can be used on family and friends across various scenarios - Not just to be intimate.. check it out. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Seven Days

It's been a long, busy week. Like all weeks these days. I've been feeling somewhat disorientated. I've had the marriage naggers on my case for years. Last week like all weeks kept me amused. Alhamdulillah :)

Lets break it down Craig David's - 7 Days style. Correction, Soulseek's - 7 Days, with some commentary of course. 


I woke up, went downstairs to get some breakfast
Granny from down the street started had started
"SS when are you gonna get married?
I wanna eat the biriyani at your wedding."

I'm certain you guys have biriyani almost every weekend! My wedding won't be any more special.

Took her for a drink on tuesday
Then I hit work on tuesday
Jackie said "Boy, you need to get married" 

Jackie sits across my desk. She's a wife. A mother. A daughter and a sister. She's married to a Muslim. She's also french. She's 31 and she's super kind. Always trying to force feed me cakes. Even though she knows I'm a gym rat. Bless her.

"SS, I was 21 when I got married. I know as Muslims for you guys to be in a relationship you must be committed. Why are you wasting time? Come on."

Ouch. Way to go girl. That cut me deep.

We were making love by wednesday
Had to organise an event on wednesday
had tafsir class straight after
everyone was making shaadi jokes with laughter

Large events, warming. Know pretty much everyone. Boys gather up "please explain to us how someone like you is single? It just doesn't make sense." Cue the debate. Stood there like a victim. Smiling.

Had tafsir class straight after. Like every weekday eve. We're currently studying Surah An-Nur. (Amazing btw) Hitting all those things every single and married person should know. Adultery, fornicating, marriage, accusations, divorces etc

Mufti was going through a difficult ayah. As usual, I was on a question bombing frenzy. Just had to open my big mouth. One of the students shouted out "SS don't worry, Allah has someone special reserved for you." Another one "Mufti, SS is patient. Drop him some hadiths. Cause every young guy gets weak at some point." Mufti then looked at me. Smiled. He and some hadith students started citing some dal'il (evidence) from kitaab ul nikah.

And on thursday
the same thing happened as wednesday
There was another event. Different group of boys. Poke and prod SoulSeek day.

My brothers grilled me til
the sun tilt-down

Straight after work, brother needed help with the family business. Eldest brother popped in. All of the staff was having hell of a time talking about me and marriage options/potentials. Everyone agreed with my views but that didn't stop them going on about how, they too, want to eat on my wedding day. Must be an asian ting.Not must be. I know it is! Cheapskates lol.

Saturday was a chill

Nice day. Hit the gym. Heavy and hard. Boys called up, "SS, trekking in 30 mins?" "Errrm, okay." Rushed home, showered, prayed. There was 13 of us. 13 ethnics in a group, doing any activity = guaranteed laughs.

You'd be naive to think we can last the day without it turning to girls. "Lads, remember, no talking about girls!" Heck, who cares. Ethnics break the rules within minutes. 

"Guys SS is the man! Masha'Allah this dude knows so much, speak to him." No you've all got it wrong. I am single and I know nothing! :\

I got asked the same question and same comments made third time that week:
"You've got it all, what's the hold up?"
"Man you have to lower your standards, we know your top shelf but come on!"
"Lead by example brudda"
Blah blah blah.

The trek itself was awesome. We had such a laugh. My legs were not happy! Heavy legs session in the gym followed by serious miles. Then finished by work til stupid o' clock. 

When we got to the top!

Dang. Doesn't Allah's creations just dazzle you?

Through sunday 

"Assalamu Alaikum amma!"

"Your Aunty called and she gave her salaams" said mum. "When she woke up for tahajjud she had a dream. You sent her glad tidings you were getting married."

I laughed. Awesome.