Friday, 30 September 2011

Women in Islam: Liberated or Oppressed?

Myriam Francois Cerrah hit my radar early last year and every time I have heard this sister speak, she has made me smile.

Sisters, please take notes. This is what is means to be an active Muslimah. Speaking the truth with beautiful words, elegance and wisdom. Around here, we would describe her as being propa sick.

What she has highlighted here is what more of our women need to be openly talking about. As men we can address keys issues as such but Women and Islam is something women need to talk about. It holds more substance, it holds more value. An open dialogue of healthy discussion and debate. Not only has this sister handled herself in style on Question Time but she's here to make a statement. And a damned good one at that.

May Allah continue to equip this sister with the power and strength to continue her work.

P.S. Happy Jummah! 

Monday, 26 September 2011

Me vs The World

Assalamu Alaikum,

After re-opening the quest. Life is pacing really quickly. After Ramadan, my days have been flowing like water. The month is almost over and I start my new job this Jummah insha'Allah.

You may think I've been lazy with the updating my blog but the truth is wife-hunting has been taking all my free time. If I find a brother who has put in so much time, effort and determination in tying his camel. I will personally make him dinner. Beans on toast of course. Cupcakes for the number of prospects he has over me. Chunky figure.

I've filtered through about 15 girls in the past 18 days. You read that right. Seriously hard work. You have to put in some serious hours. Staying on top of your game, treating every prospect like she could potentially be the one. It's tough work and extremely taxing and draining on you and your emotional state of mind. 

The kind of prospects that have been put forward were all practising sisters. From different races to a revert. Middle class straight through to upper class backgrounds. From a barrister through to students. Qur'an Hafiz to a writer. I've even had an imam and another father approach me. By Allah, I cannot express my gratitude from how he has placed all these opportunities for me. Quality prospects that actually want to get married. The standard of these girls, masha'Allah. I've entered the twilight zone.

After filtering through racial issues (their parents), mismatch in aspirations/expectations and identifying compatibility. I hit the top 3. These prospects seemed outstanding, I had no intention of filtering through many suitors at once, but I was approached at the same time, way to go timing! I tried to filter through them but its been difficult. So I decided to give the first sister who contacted me priority.

The Journalist.

One thing I've learnt in over 3 years on the quest is how make things happen and work. So we started talking earlier last week. I needed a retreat for a mental break so I headed down to geetarhiro's turf. I hooked up with my brothers. I spoke to the journalist that night and we made good progress. Her father was in the country until today.  I wasn't going to pass up on this offer. We managed to pull off a last minute meet. Being 180 miles away from home, alhamdulillah they understood the benefit of us meeting and they agreed to meet.

I got the boys together and we hit the capital for dinner. The father and daughter arranged to meet me near the place we arranged to have dinner, so they travelled a little to meet there. I abandoned the boys for 90 minutes.

We met. We talked. We laughed. It was key, to the point but not too formal. Just right. We even disagreed on a few things. The father gave me a lift a few miles down. He seemed like a wonderful and understanding man, masha'Allah. I asked him for permission to speak to his daughter so we may establish compatibility. The trust and faith he placed on me. I can't say I've come across a father with such a warming and positive attitude. I like him. I like her too. We come from very different backgrounds but that's what makes it exciting. She has things to offer me that others didn't demonstrate.

I pray she is the one. Insha'Allah. Allah has made the process easy so far. Let it continue.

The first love story I posted? It benefited me a great deal, looks leading to attraction is one thing. Attraction from having faith in Allah, that's something else. I'm glad that I give every prospect the same opportunity they all deserve. If I didn't, I may have overlooked her because some of the prospects that were put forward. Honestly? Really attractive. I've come so far. I'm happy that I now know what I'm doing. My system works. My dealings are in adherance to Islam. The love and respect from all the families I've received. Every day I'm becoming the best version of myself.

Is there anything more satisfying in knowing that? Heck no.

P.S. Remember Potential #7? They came to our house for dinner yesterday. They hinted 3 times they're interested in marriage. Too late?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

A True Love Story - II

Jalal Ibn Saeed is a legend!

Masha'Allah, this one's a tear jerker! True love. Allahu Akbar.


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Muslim Apologetics

Get suscribing y'all - This is going to be a fantastic channel!

 My homeboy Deen!

Change. Lets make it happen. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It All Comes To Light Sooner Or Later

What a week. I have never filtered through so many prospects in one sitting. Allah bless my helpers! 3 who are ticking my boxes so far. Filtering time!

It all comes to light sooner or later.

I just have to drag this out not for the sake of dragging it out but as a lesson.

Aisha. This is the last time you will ever hear her name being mentioned here. I ended things based on that gut feeling. Intution, that's what it's called. I've gone through how Allah listens to the sincere heartfelt dua of a believer.

My intuition was right about this girl. Trouble. News has travelled over a 100 miles about what she has been up to. Sad and dissappointing. However, it gives me that ultimate peace and tranquility in how she would have never suited me. This is my istikhara answered. 1.5 years later. That's the beauty in Allahs wisdom.

Another case. My mother wanted me to marry my first cousin over 2 years ago. I rejected because I saw culture and no deen. Besides, I wasn't a fan of marrying within our relatives. Mother til this day kept bringing it up. "You had the best girl available and you rejected her. Now somebody else is marrying her."

Aunty gave my mum an update, she's moved on from the simple girl she was. No hijaab, skinnies and almost vest like kameez (top). Mum finally understands what I've been trying to say for  years. Alhamdulillah, that's patience, perserverance and dawah.

Saved yet again. Istikhara. Deep, deep stuff.

He's keeping someone special for me. He's protected me one too many times. Exciting times are ahead insha'Allah.

When I do find her. I've got some scary figures for you guys.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

A True Love Story - I


This is just beautiful. 

I feel really soft right now. Infact, too soft. And this right here, gave me the reminder I needed.

Perfection. That's what Islam is.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Beginning Of Many Blessings To Come

It seems everybody seems to be making joint, collective duas for me. It really makes me blush when I hear about it.

I lose count of all these blessed people that check on me to see how I'm doing. Hoping in some shape or form they can help. Even if they can't they say "I will make dua for you." I say I don't feel deserving of it. And they reply with "it's the least we can repay you with."

One of my readers, SI said the following:

"My mum always says that if you're good to people, help them out, then Allah (swt) automatically creates people who do the same for you."

It's true. What she said right there? Magic.

Remember my adventurous escapade that involved a 400 miles journey for a 10 hour interview? It was for one of the largest and best companies to be at.. in the word.

A presentation. An interview. 3 groups excercises. 3 individual excercises. A negotiating task. And an exam.

I didn't sleep that night. I had some serious milage to cover and I made it to the site for 6:30am. 2 hours before the process. (Protip: Don't take advice from geetarhiro again.) I tried my best and I did super. I received feedback and I demonstrated some of the best strengths and competencies. The task I failed on was the easiest task of them all. The negotiating task. It was just a 10 minute excercise. I ended up missing the point and digressing. Blame the lack of sleep.

I thought, what's going to top is company? I mean seriously? It was the one company I was going to make, regardless. I know my competencies and strengths.

Yesterday I received a phone call from another company. I was told I couldn't have handled the interview any better. I was made a job offer for an up and coming firm within the UK. The irony? I prepared for the interview on the day. It was at 4pm and I woke up at 11am to start preparing. Granted, I was beyond confident but I usually always put in a few days into things like these. The package works out sweeter than the other company. With them I would have to made the sacrifice of commuting for 2 hours each way. New Job? 3 minutes. I kid you not. Door to door by car. Actually thinking about it? I did make dua. And I asked Allah to help me "For whatever is in the best interest for me in my deen and my future." The commuting alone would have stopped me attending my tafsir classes 5 times a week. As I would be arriving home late. Therefore compromising on my other commitments and obligations.

That is the thing about the Lord of Ala'min. None come close to his wisdom and majesty. He is the all the knowing. And the most gracious. He is kind to his believers.

I had confidence in him from the beginning.

I start at the end of this month. I'm excited. Seem like a great bunch of guys to be working with.

In other news. 2 prospects are next on the list. They really do seem extraordinary. On paper anyways. Lets see how that works out.

Lets make a collective dua. A dua for each other. And a dua for all those that are suffering. Be it famine, be it war, be it marriage. It is the weapon of a believer. I have faith and so should you.


P.S. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for my book on "How to become a Millionaire : The Dua edition" ;o)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Concluding Introduction

So, why did I share that one aspect of my life with you?

The reason why I had started the introduction was because I had lost focus. I almost forgot the person I had become and the trials that I had faced. I had wrote a further few entries but they've served their purpose. As lessons and reminders. A reminder of the person I have become and who I aspire to be.

Earlier this year, the drama happened, you know the one when you feel like you've lost everything. And rightly so, you might have lost everything.

In that state of desperation to shout no, no and NO. Where you know so many people, you continue looking around with that blank hopeless look - 'help' is all you want. And nobody is around. There also comes that point in your life where you outgrow some of your friends.

Then you look back to see who will always be there for you. They make you smile. Because it's always those that have strong faith and character. Your love exponentially grows for them.

You know you have the right kind of humble and shy qualities of a believer. Then you also know you're super confident with serious levels of self-esteem. However, not enough to show any kind of arrogance or ego.

I call it SWAG. Something We Asians Got. (I joke!) More importantly we must become better people and in return better Muslims.

I'm making things happen. By Allah, I'm trying.

The wife part is essential in things falling into place. I'm starting to find this process tedious. I've been at it for way too long. I'm actually sick and tired of it. It consumes alot and it's a draining process. When is it going to end? Allahu allam.

The quest bladdy continues..