Sunday, 7 August 2011

Istikhara Take Two

Before I spoke to my hero. I had a gut feeling like I've never felt before. One of peace. Everything just felt so right.

Masha'Allah he gave me a real eye opener. He said "I love you for the sake of Allah, I'm only saying this just in case you haven't thought about it."

The truth is, this time round I thought had it all sussed out. Top notch. My process very thorough. Fairly methodical. But he trumped me again. He worded things the way he does. It made me think all over again.

Night Two
Made a big breakthrough today. Something happened. It doesn't seem great but Allah knows best and only time will tell.

One of my good friends gave me a call earlier, he was in the neighbourhood. So I invited him and his wife round to break iftar with us. I attended their wedding just over a month ago. His advice was good.

Whilst dropping them off. Just seen the rapport between them two? Masha'Allah! His wife is hilarious. I was always worried this brother would never meet his match. Clearly he has from seeing them in action and listening to their advice. 

After Taraweeh, I met up with another friend. Stayed around his until 3am and I just arrived home for sehri and fajr.

I've had a lot of food for thought.

I'll let it marinate for tonight and see what tomorrow brings me.

Istikhara take two: Complete. 

Status: Undecided and thinking.


  1. Ok - gut feelings are good. Do you have any nagging feelings about something not being right? A man and woman are made from one soul (you can cross reference the surah and ayah- I'm not sure off the top of my head). When the soul of one looks into another (I have only read women's books on this by the way) she knows immediately that he is pious and the soul feels easy hence a suitable candidate for marriage. I think it may work like that for you guys as well? Also, you have not mentioned anything about her this time which is good. Normally you go into 'what the girl looks like', interests etc...but this time nothing. Wow SS, I'm proud of you:D

    Oh and also if my 'future' sis-in-law said THAT to me, I would seriously consider it.

    PS I'm not sad by constantly replying but this is really interesting and relevant for me right now:)
    By the way, don't take anything I'm saying as a sign dude!! Just my way of thinking about it... I know nothing about the situation - only you can judge that.

  2. I can't what to see what your decision will be in the end. I hope whatever it is, that it's right choice for you!

  3. SI - Intuition? Yes, all humans have it. Once I get that feeling, I have my decision. For me it something that's a more definitive feel.


    In-law said what?

    I hope you're pursuing dude!

  4. - Insha'Allah, I hope so too! Thanks for dropping by.