Thursday, 25 August 2011

Istikhara: The Final Take And Conclusion

I can't believe how quick ramadhan has come and gone. Subhaanallah. It feels like it just begun.

Apologies for the late update, I was tied up high on breaking my fast with dates (the halal kind)  and I let things pan out.

Night Ten
After night 10, things had started to turn around. Things started becoming easier and more of a reality.

This is what istikhara is all about. When Allah makes things possible and perhaps easier. If it is not meant to be, the situation becomes impossibly difficult. That, right there - That's a sign.

I was skyping  with the whole family and even their neighbours. Alhamdulillah, I got an insight from the neighbours, even the kids too.

Advice from the kids? Marry her, she's really nice. Haha.

Istikhara take ten: Complete.

Status: Good feeling.

We continued talking and making good, solid progression. I made a discovery. A discovery that is detrimental to this process at this moment in time. Basically, a deal breaker.

It's through no fault of anyone. It is something that is outside both of our control and remit at this moment in time.

I didn't want to call it quits there. I know how difficult it is to find good girls. So for now we've left things. However, I want to revisit this issue and see if it has changed. As for how long? I don't know is the truth. Perhaps 4-6 months?

So in the mean time because there is no commitment - If any other suitor presents itself I will continue my search. It's unfair for either of us to hang around.

Qadr. We all know about that. Right?

Just an observation. Every prospect I've pursued? They keep getting better. And closer to what I want.

Allah is true to his word. What word? I'll go into that soon enough.


  1. Subhanallah! I'm glad things are made clear for you now. I was guessing from your mixed Istikhara, that you were having reservations, but sometimes, if one doesn't see a clear path that in itself is a sign. My mother did Istikhara for my first ever suitor and she kept getting mixed signals as well, because even though the boy was nice and from a good family, something didn't click. Plus when you add geography into the mix, it was kind of a longshot. Alhamdulillah, we got the right answer for us and both of us went our merry way. I hope In shaa Allah that you find the right girl for you soon. Ameen.

  2. Redhum - Ah man, tell me about it! I think it's important to learn how to differentiate between the two. Istikhara and the way you think.

    Sometimes, I believe we manage to mix the two up. My friend is going through something at the moment and he was adamant it was istikhara when I just showed him it was just how he was looking at something.

    It happens and it's an embarrassing feeling. This is why it's always good to have somebody with hikmah to run things by.

    Ameen to your dua too!

  3. can u plz guide me into how i can get suitors for me ? i mean is there a specific website or soemthign? i want it done in halal manner n i want serious ppl. not the time-pass kind.
    do u know of educated ppl. from Karachi ,Pakistan around 30-35 yrs of age interested in getting married n allowed to find spouse on their own by their parents?
    i m in an extremely tough condition. If u can help me relate to some ppl. plz do so .
    Jazak ALLAH

  4. Catgirl - Feel free to mail me at

    I will send some resources your way.