Monday, 23 January 2012

In Praise Of Traditional Women


I am grateful that I married a traditional woman.
I don’t sacrifice any freedom for love. I am in charge. My wife is comfortable with that. I am twice as free as when I was single.
My wife is passive by nature. Passivity is the natural female principle. The marriage of active (male) and passive (female) is the basis of heterosexuality.
But it is heresy to say so.

Women are actually ashamed to want to be homemakers. How did this happen? How did motherhood go from being honored to being stigmatized? This change in attitude is the trajectory of Illuminist subversion of America. Obviously, the Illuminists prefer women to be corporate widgets rather than wives and mothers.

A woman needs a man to love her. The notion that she should be “independent” and career oriented is absurd. As if pounding a mail route is superior to making a home and caring for loved ones. As if obeying a boss is superior to assisting the man she chose to love and marry.

There is no greater blessing than a woman whose grace, beauty and love warms a home like sunshine. There is no greater gift than the precious love she gives husband and children.


The passive principle is the earth principle. The earth receives sunshine, water and seed and produces life. A woman receives a man’s love and seed and performs the miracle of giving birth to a human being.

A healthy woman in love wants to recreate her husband in her children.

Carrying and nurturing the young is the essence of female psychology. The denial of this reveals the Illuminists’ desire to override nature and control all human life.

Being a wife and mother is what makes a woman tick. She needs to be intensely needed and loved by her husband and children.

These roles are passive by nature. They involve a great deal of adaptation and self sacrifice. But they also require that she is not taken for granted. A wife and mother must be cherished and honored for her priceless contribution.

A woman is not going to be loved permanently for her appearance which is transitory, or for her accomplishments. Love is not like that. We love the people who sacrifice for us.

Men also sacrifice by supporting their families and providing leadership and love. Happiness can only be found in love, not self-seeking. Love is self-sacrifice. Human beings were designed to look after each other.

In contrast, Illuminism sees “freedom” as self indulgence. This is not the “truth that will make you free.”

The model I am describing used to be second nature. It has become esoteric knowledge. It is not for everyone. I offer it to those looking for an alternative to feminist dysfunction. You will find your own balance.

Marriage is under constant assault. This formula has worked for centuries and still works today.


The Male Principle is the God Principle – energy, form and direction.

Women want to look up to their husbands. They tend to seek men who are older and more successful. Why? They want their husband to be like their father was (or should have been), strong, capable, reliable, protective and nurturing.

More than anything, they are seeking emotional and physical security. They feel most secure when they feel possessed by a strong, loving man.

A man should prepare himself for this role. He should have a clear vision of what he wants to do with his life. If he is lost, he might ask God how he can serve Him. What was I born to do?

A man’s work should be his first priority and source of challenge and self-confidence. In contrast, a woman was not designed to get meaning from career. For her, career is secondary to being loved and needed.

Despite what feminists say, a man should never show weakness. The essence of masculinity is power. If he is weak, he loses a woman’s respect. If he lacks confidence, he should gain it by setting goals and achieving them.

A man should never think of any woman as a sine qua non. That puts him in a position of weakness. (She has to pass your test, not vice-versa.)

A man should never succumb to emotional blackmail. If a woman is withholding love or sulking, he should give her time to get over it.

A man should know what role he wants his wife to play. A man usually chooses on the basis of sexual attraction. What else does he want? I appreciate my wife’s reasonableness, intelligence, competence, and sense of humor. Think of the long haul. You need someone who is easy to live with.

Most women were meant to be wives and mothers. A man should think about becoming a father and the responsibility this entails. He is not only providing for his offspring, but also teaching them how to be human beings. He is creating a new world, a family.

A man will not care about something that doesn’t belong to him. He should find a woman who is prepared to surrender power in exchange for love. A creature with two heads is a monster. A family with two heads will go in two directions. The man is the head; the woman is the heart.

Marriage is about dependence, not independence. It is about union, two people becoming one. For women, surrender of power is the essence of love. If a woman can’t trust a man with her life, she doesn’t love him and shouldn’t marry him.

Marriage is about possession and being possessed, which most men and women crave. A successful union is the only thing that satisfies the spiritual hunger underlying the sex drive, and prevents wander lust.

The heterosexual contract is this. The husband has the power and he does his best within reason to make his wife happy. A man cannot love a woman if he doesn’t have the power to grant her wishes.

But a man must keep his end of the contract, or the marriage is off. He must be loyal, and show every day how much he appreciates her.


The vast majority of people find their identity and values in family. Destroy the family and the state is in control.

Incredible as it sounds, the Illuminists are building a world police state. The international bankers finagled the right to create money out of nothing and collect interest on it. They need a police state to protect this racket and make sure no country defaults. They own the mass media, politicians, and dominate big business.

Feminism is the cover for a sophisticated illuminist propaganda program. We have been brainwashed.

Nobody has a problem with treating women as equal to men. Feminism treats women as though they were men. It portrays heterosexuality as pathology and discriminates against men. Women are favored for jobs so they will have careers instead of children and men can’t support their families.

Society is being sabotaged. Alas, this is what the “war on terror” is really about, enslaving the world, not protecting it.

Bella Dodd, a former leader of the American Communist Party revealed: “The bourgeois family as a social unit was to be made obsolete.” The aim was to “create a new type of human being that would conform to the world they confidently expected to control.”

The bankers use Communism is to overthrow the Christian foundations of Western civilization and put themselves in charge. This is the true meaning of revolution.

The Rockefeller Foundation funds feminism. I searched RF and “Women’s Studies” in Google and got 137,000 entries. They have funded population control and eugenics research for decades, here, in the USSR and in Nazi Germany.

With women usurping the male role, we are becoming a homosexual society. There is a difference between accepting homosexuals as human beings, which I do, and allowing society as a whole to become homosexual.

Sound extreme? Consider this.

Homosexuality is the inability to form a permanent bond with a member of the opposite sex. It is commonly characterized by an obsession with sex and promiscuity. Sex becomes a surrogate for love. Doesn’t this describe society today?

Homosexuals generally have sex but no families or children. The bankers want us to have fewer children, and indeed the birth rate has plummeted since the 1960′s.

The Illuminists aren’t afraid of gays, single mothers or children. They are afraid of proud strong men who have families to protect. This is behind the degradation of men.

An ad for Swanson’s TV Dinners goes like this. Working mom asked for a big bowl she can eat on the run. Swanson responded. Kids wanted something for after school. Swanson responded. “Dad wanted to wear mom’s frilly under things!” Picture father with a goofy smile. “We didn’t know how to respond.” This is an example of the ongoing corporate attack on masculinity. The Whiskas cat food ads are another. They would never portray women as cats.

“First You Get the Women, Then You’ve Got the Children, So Follow the Men” -Adolph Hitler

We can fight the New World Order by having strong male-led families. 

After many marital mishaps, I now have a frictionless marriage. My wife and I complement each other. She doesn’t compete, criticize, complain or try to control, the four C’s. She tells me if something is wrong. I try to make her happy. She’s part of me.
Because of her passive nature, I don’t feel like I must constantly anticipate and meet her expectations. Rather she allows me to propose. Usually, she assents. When she doesn’t, we compromise. Her acquiescence empowers and completes me.
I love her. She commits the unpardonable crime. She is good to a man.


  1. It is funny. When looking for a husband, I do look for someone with similar characteristics as my dad. MashaAllah my dad is an amazing person. I know if I can marry someone as half as good as him, I would be pretty happy. He had all the characteristics that this article talks about. I know if i can trust a man's values, he will have my respect and I will be able to let him take control. But it is so hard to find men who are like that.

  2. Agree with a lot of it and equality in a marriage is important. Two people working together to achieve a common goal = a happy marriage.

    Feminist crap - never believed in it anyway.

  3. @striving muslimah

    Respect works both ways - you get what you give.

  4. Henry Macow. Oh dear SS, quoting a 63 year old consipiracy theorist whilst knowing full well that he writes fiction for profit.

    The man woman stuff is potentially the biggest load of rubbish I have ever read in my life.

    The feminism / homosexuality stuff is just plain wrong - the people of Lut were gay before women were even allowed to walk outside, and the Ancient Greeks had gay relationships because they felt women didn't have the brains to connect intellectually and so love could not occur.

    On the topic of feminism - feminism is a vehicle by which women gain rights and freedoms. I don't want to tie myself to a tree to prevent it being cut down, but if eco-activitists didn't tie themselves to trees in protest we'd probably have no oxygen / rainforest left. Same with feminists: they fight for our (women's) rights and I am happy that they do - and they have to be extreme and I support them. I am grateful for the fact I can vote, work and look after myself - and that is all thanks to feminists.

    On the whole passive / aggressive thing - that's just poor, uninformed pop psychology on a majorly ignorant level which would not stand up to any scrutiny whatsoever, and as a Muslim you really should know better. One of the greatest stories of Islam is Mohammed and Khadijah - you know, the powerful business woman? And Aysha who led a war, and established a school without her husband who has passed away years before and never married again?

    As for the "illuminati / police state" hogwash - paranoia sells. It's just another way of selling books. Which, by the way - if you are really into - best to go straight to the good stuff with David Ike.

  5. Jasmine,

    Who was the behind all the fun and games? It was Lut's wife of course. They were vile human beings, regardless of their sex. I fail to see the point you're trying to raise.

    You just have to look into the roots of feminism and understand understand not only how but more importantly why it came about. Of course in a capitalist ideology where man is left to dictate the laws and legislation that will always change according to the status quo. It's only natural for movements as such to spring forth.

    As you perfectly suggested yourself, lets look at the true women of Islam to understand that only under Islam were women truly liberated. I'm not talking about this cultural nonsense that clearly is not from Islam. If you agree, why not focus your energy and support something that is of real value.

    Here's the problem with the la feminia brigade. The premise of any fruitful discussion is destroyed before it begins. You just blasted out some irrelevant retort, even had to make it personal.

    A great example of emotions being riled over matter. I posted an article with no opinion. Quick off the mark to start questioning my ideals as a Muslim. Way to go Jasmine.

    I think the whole keyboard warrior rage ties in well with feminism from my experiences.

    I know you meant well, Insha'Allah.

  6. Lol at you both!

    OK guys, chill. You're both right in your own ways. The thing is that this is just a power trip for most guys and girls these days.

    Feminism has become an excuse for lazy men to shirk their responsibilities and as women we start demanding all sorts for independence. I am an independent woman. I have been for many years. I have my own assets, my own money and don't rely on anyone else. I work when I want, how I want. Do what I want, whenever I want. Does it make me happy? Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I'm actually very successful and if not more qualified than most guys these days (well the ones I'm meeting anyway). Would I still give up my career for a family/home life? I actually would. You cannot disregard the biological make up of a woman or a man.

    It's all about choices and opinion. Let's face it - a lot of useless men and women demand things. Things which are unimportant which is leading to the disintegration of family life.
    There’s nothing wrong with being a homemaker – does this mean a woman has to do it on its own? No, there’s a lot of things she can do on the side as long as her household duties are not neglected. She can also work if she wants but it’s a decision both partners make together.

    I’ll think you find that the best marriages/relationships are where there is co-dependence e.g. both man and woman work together to build a family life and make decisions together.

    Men should take the lead and be responsible for taking the lead in most things. This does not diminish the role or responsibility of a woman. She’s not passive – she just understands her role as a wife and a mother as does a man as her husband and a father.

    As for a healthy discussion, you both need to realise that emotions should not get in the way of a debate. Especially a debate which is not worth having.

    Jas – you should know better than to fall for that one :)

    SS – Cheek trying to rile up women :)

    Why have you both taken the homosexuality out of context which is irrelevant in my opinion. Nothing to do with the overall big picture. Read the article carefully. There's a lot of irrelevant information but read between the lines and you will find the basis of an islamic marriage. What does traditional mean anyway? It means different things to different people....

    PS Jasmine - I love conspiracy theories especially illumanti!!

    And a final one for the ladies – YES a man is the HEAD responsible for his family/household but the woman is the neck controlling him ;)

    Damn I should be working right now :)

  7. Oh and if a man wants me to work to help support him, then he should contribute to household chores as well. Fair's fair. Two people working together towards a common goal.

  8. SI - You just wanted an excuse to tell me off. The voice of reason. Where's the like button? Apt ;) post.

    As with all information in this dunya, we take that which is beneficial and we disregard the irrelevant stuff.

    And of course posting an article != agreement with every word.

    Bait, this is Jasmine. Jasmine, this is bait.

  9. Very sweet Mash Allah!

    Admin to Habibi Matrimonials

  10. Naturally my quibble is with Mr. Makow. However, SoulSeeker you should realize re-posting this was in poor taste too. Parts of it are really quite inflammatory to fundamental Islamic principals. But I guess one can overlook that if we just focus on the overarching message, which I don't find agreeable regardless. Really, quite frivolous but whatever I guess to each his own.

  11. I have just come across your blog. I am a white British bornMuslim who is married to a Pakistani. I don't know how tonuge-in-cheek your posting of this was. All I can say is that if you want a passive wife - either get a real one and remove the brain or find one you plug in at night to charge.

    A woman is not a door mat and passivity is not a beautiful principle. A truly blessed wife and beautiful woman is one who knows when to be passive and when to use their passion. When to uphold a principle and when to compromise.
    If women were really made to be passive and submissive, why did God give them such deeply rooted emotions which take a great deal to control?
    If you want a passive wife - check the argos catalogue - women like that just don't exist and in the end will bore you to tears.