Sunday, 8 January 2012

Deterring Attraction - Alpha Tip #1

Realisation strikes. Lowering your gaze. Fasting and every other hardline advice in avoiding temptation.

Still provin' to be heck of a struggle.

Yes y'all I've been doing further field studies.

Shaytaan's a sneaky one. Coming to you directly isn't very effective anymore. He'll send a hot girl your way instead.

She will look into your eyes, strike a conversation and tell you that you're funny. That gleaming smile. It's charming. Don't let it affect you too much.

Grow your beard. 

I get smiles, just not as much - The hobo look seems to be a success!

Complete turn off.


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  2. Mashallah, on the beard but do you think its wrong to speak to girls?

    Granted that attraction is a factor that is very much linked to the Shaytan but is it neccesary to go the complete opposite of that and not look a person in the eye?

    God forbid SoulSeek that we can't even hold nomal conservations being muslims and all.


    p.s. don't take offence :)

  3. Not at all.

    We're not animals. As per shariah, it's permissible for us to speak to the opposite sex for a purpose.

    I've had a perfectly healthy exchange throughout University and the working life. The balanced approach is the way of the Rasool (saw).

    Awareness and boundaries. They make complete sense. Just don't push it :)

    3 entries worth catching up on:

    - Where Has The Decency Gone?
    - Why Men And Women Cannot Be Friends
    - It's difficult Being Male

  4. LOOOOOOOOL hilarious!

    Way to go dude! Avoiding zinaa by all means necessary! :)

    May Allah reward you in your struggles. Ameen.

  5. Read them, very insightful...I've linked the ''It's difficult Being Male'' to my blog, hope you don't mind.

    I think that perhaps in the same way that the male mind is in a constant of turmoil/desire (as suggested by your blog) I also feel the female midn is manifested by the idea of being object of desire.

    I'm not a strict feminist, but I have studied feminism quite a bit (University). There was a particular theory about the 'Male in the head' which argued that when female mind looks at herself she does it with a viewpoint of how men would look at her and this affects how she displays herself.

    So much of society if pent up about surpressing girls and how they look (getting a bit feminist here, will calm it down) but I agree with you, then men should also keep haya and avert their gaze so that the 'Male in the head' is not one that looks upon certain traits in desire but ignores them instead.


  6. Ok I want stats from the random sample to see if this claim is valid or if it's a head fake....I won't even ask for a picture haha :D

  7. Complete turn off for some, but not for everyone. :P Just sayin'.

  8. SI - What kind of person are you? A pie chart or a graphs type? Do I want to scarr/scare you? I think so.

    Cherie - I never mentioned whom it's a turn off for! Just Sayin'

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  10. LOL I personally find guys with really long beards to be scary. Keep it moderate. You don't wanna scare ALL of them off. ;)