Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Deep, Profound Love. Hope #1

After 47 years of marriage, he still buys her flowers every Monday.

Then I came across the following. I don't use these words often but it is incredible and beautiful.

Take lessons. There's hope. There truly is.

Danny boy just rolled it into my book of manly qualities. Well played fella, well played.



  1. Hah my dad still buys my mum flowers til this day.

    I never understand how some people fall for people so easily. One person = lifetime commitment.

    1. aaah .... so sweet and real.
      it reminds me its about the realness , that which grows once in a marriage .

      even terminal illness makes their love stronger.beautiful when love is seen in the "simple" things ,when she lights up the room in the morning when he puts his hands on her shoulders to support him , or she asks him if he wants ice cream.when its about the unpretentious love notes he writes to is in the detail.he says ...there's a shelter when you get home ... the tranquility ,the garment i guess.
      agree - it is beautiful.may Allah grant you that beauty.

      thanks for sharing the video , it's a tear jerker.

  2. apologies , this is very long .. but beautiful....

    Out of curiosity, he takes a peek.
    Out of modesty, she looks away. Two in love but cannot say.
    She has been saving herself for the one and only.
    And in her eyes he can see innocence and purity.

    Out of this, his desire grows, the fire in him almost shows.
    He keeps his distance, stays far away,
    he wouldn't want what is bad for the one
    who took his breath away.

    Late at night the door bell rings,
    her heart beats loud and her soul sings.
    The talking below, she hears so clear in her mother's eyes
    she can see a tear.

    He has finally come to take her away
    In the play ground of love they will finally play.
    He will protect her and treat well like a real man should.
    She would try to love him, please him,
    and care for him as best as she could.

    This is love and how it should be,
    How Allaah intended it to be.
    Love is love and it shouldn't change, but everyday
    its meaning seems to fade away.

    Love is sweet and should have an innocent start
    and later on it will pour endlessly from your heart.
    Guard your heart, love, body, and soul
    and in shaa Allaah release them only to the one
    whose name is written in the sky

    beside yours!... ♥

  3. This is just beautiful!

    @Anonymous- Lovely poem :)