Sunday, 22 January 2012

Summary Of Online Matrimony Sites

Since I started this blog, I've purposely steered away from talking about Muslim online matrimonial sites. Perhaps its time to start dropping my thoughts.

Here's a thought:


  1. Tsk tsk....she's not wearing a hijab. Avert your eyes immediately!!

  2. Looks quite similar to modern day trendy 'hijaabs', don'tcha think?

  3. No comment. Nice drawings....little niece or you? hahaha

  4. LOL. Your a tumblr addict... aren't you. *shakes head*

    but this is very accurate. Not only on matrimonial sites, but every type of social network.

    I like to avoid putting up pictures for this very reason. :)

  5. lol

    my thoughts.....the brothers are after sisters whose looks resemble the last image.

    i'm on a site at the moment....and the whole picture thing is becoming the part i hate....demoralizing

    when im out in public i don't doll up....why would i put a pic of myself up on a site to that effect....even for the purpose of seeking marriage

    i can see myself making more of an effort after marriage (in the home) insha-Allah, but i don't think i'll be the type to cake the makeup on even then and certainly not in public.

    maybe its just me....

  6. Hmmm very true but in most cases, not all. Marriage sites should be defamed in the way they have become anything but marriage orientated; men and women both, on the large part, should be blamed for 'shopping around' on these sites for the prettiest lil' thing they can find.

    It is demoralizing that the internet can be used for good but this good can be polluted (as many other goods). It is the imperfection in human beings that drives us to ask pardon from Allah but only if we realise our wrong doing by looking outside ourselves.

    However, at the same time, not all photos on matrimonial sites are put up with the same ideologies. Neither, are all photos are an inaccurate representation of their owner. At the same time, I can say, from personal experience, that most photos of me aren't an accurate represenation of me but, in a negative way.

    In summation Soulseek, it is very easy to make over sweeping generalisations about things but there is, with exceptions, good and bad in (most) things :)

    Your blog's proving a veyr interesting read these days, by the way.


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  8. Don't depend entirely on a photo. Some people aren't photogenic and don't photograph well. But when you see them, they might surprise you. Speaking from personal experience.

    As TMM mentioned, it may happen but not practised by all. And if it happens it's not surprising since so many brothers base their decisions solely on looks.