Friday, 20 January 2012


"The average life span in my Ummah is between sixty and seventy years, and only a few pass this age.'' - Tirmidhi


Perspective is what keeps my quest going. I suppose I could have opted for some pretty fine looking women. I suppose, I could have chosen to go and fulfil my desires the right way. But they would have been bad decisions. The reason has to be more than frustration.

If we go upon the above hadith. Should Allah grant me those years, I've lived approx 1/3 of my life. Leaving 2/3's to share with a woman who will stand by my side and help me raise our children.

Think about it. Taking away the years of growing up as a child, reaching puberty and then looking to find someone who will be that garment that Allah talks of. That's a fair number of years.

All of a sudden when you realise Jannah is the resting place you seek. Would it not affect your decision?

You know that pretty face? Doesn't quite cut it any more. You  begin realise, after being sexually active it will become like any other instinct. You soon take it for granted and then move on to the more important stuff. Because there will always be the more important stuff. It's an essential part of being insaan.

The fitna grows like a disease every day. I want to be selfish. But I can't.




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