Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Veiled Rejections - Entry 4

Families will reject you based on your family. With no bearings on you. Infact they may even like you.

It's jahil, it's not from Islam and it certainly is not fair.

But that's life.

Mr P brought me to the realisation that years of my failures have been because of that very reason. From Husna straight through to the journalist. I was so busy looking at myself I forgot to take a peek on the outside.


  1. Finally you get it! ...And the fact that it wasn't decreed for you by Allah (swt). Some families are good at putting on a show:)

  2. with asians you marry not only the guy but his family too, anyone with any sense should take into account the family's reputation. If the rejection was based on what part of Pakistan you parents originated from then you should have figured that out long before you became attached. Take off the rose tinted glasses and accept that the older generation are not going to change completely, culture still plays a big part in our society.

    you may have realised that girls/girls family may be good at putting up a show but is that not what the girl family would think about you and your family too, works both ways.

  3. Don't lose heart. Don't become hard to the possibilites and the opportunities the world has to offer you. My fiance (yes, I know, *still* not married!) and I had to go through a lot of this stuff, and Alhamdulillah, it all worked out, despite some of my parents' friends still voicing their objection to this very day.

    Don't let some bad experiences and some very ridiculous people make you lose any of yourself, and the belief that the Ummah can be better. Be as you want others to be - talk the talk, walk the walk. And inshaAllah others will follow suit.

  4. SI - It's an mp ting to be straight up.. Uhuh!

    Redberries - You've got some explaining to do. Why are you still not married?

    That aside. Quality words. Jazakallah Khair.

    Anonymous - Get off that pedestal.

  5. lol, sir yes sir!

    wasnt meant to be pedestally, its just what i regard as reality/or what i accept as reality, was just my opinion, doesnt mean either of us are right or wrong... im sorry your so amazing and you excel at everything you apply yourself too...

    jk lighten up, get off your throne.

    p.s i enjoy reading your blog :)

  6. Anon - Touché. I enjoy reading your comments too ;)

  7. lol@ the dynamics between Sir Anonymous and Sir Soulseek. Lovely.

    Okay, so what do we have here? Families. The sweet and helpful families.

    God help you.


  8. ^Gosh whats wrong with me these days?lol Sorry Lady Anon