Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Veins Are Pounding Success

There's something in my blood. I can't stop it.

When a man feels this surge of power and energy to give it his best. He gives out this aura. With that crazy look in his eyes. I call it happiness. I call it success.

Something won't let me give into any wrong or injustice.

My character and demeanor transforms when I have conviction in something. This has always been one of my greatest strengths.

I was never the problem. Nor is my family. But I get it now. Her family think that they're better than us. Her whole family is great on putting a front. They've got a chip on their shoulder. Masha'Allah. Their snobiness is their greatest upset. And our tiny 4 bedroom house is no match for their gigantic 7 bedroom house.

This is jahliyyah and inaad. I refuse to stand for it.

She told me they're now bringing prospects forward for her to get over me. She's completely torn. She saw how horrible it was when they all turned on her other sister, now that same sister is turning on her along with everyone else.

My Mufti voiced his thoughts, he's not happy. I've told her one last time. I will stand by her side. That dude I talked, crazy? That's me. Either way this goes, I'm a winner.

The ball's in her court.

Shoot. And shoot far.

Because I am SoulSeek and you ain't never met a dude like me. BAM!


  1. She's very lucky that someone is fighting her corner. Good luck!

  2. Spoken like a true warrior. haha.

    Jeez...It must be really hard to for her... my heart really goes out to this girl. It's a tough situation to be in and I cannot fathom it really.

    The good thing is you know where you stand. :)

    I'm guessing by your enthusiasm the break has helped? lol.

  3. The ending made me laugh. :D
    This isn't the first time I'm hearing this. =/ I hope it works out for her. Meanwhile, you can keep cheering her up with your unique sense of humor! :D.

    Good luck to you both! :) x

  4. That's the right attitude, mashAllah! As paradoxical as it sounds, even though you are the subject of this, it's not about you at all. And in the end, Allah has either written you for each other or He hasn't. I like to think that with 'arranged marriages' rejection can never be personal because the prospect simply doesn't know you well enough!

    Keep us posted on what happens!

  5. Chere - Assalamu Alaikum. You're totally right. This was all about her. And she failed.

    Not for me. But for herself. It's a real shame when you can't stand up for yourself.

    I do agree. However, once it progresses and you begin to court a sister - it does become personal.