Thursday, 17 November 2011

My Theory On The X & Y Chromosomes

I always thought that when X was pleased with Y.
And that when Y was pleased with X.
That would be the start.

I always thought that where there was chemistry flooding.
That would be awesome.

I always thought that when they had established compatibility, determined matters of intelligence and deen and they then shared similar aspirations, goals and dealt with matters amicably.
That would be amazing.

I always thought that when both had found comfort in one another.
That would make your eyes glimmer.

I always thought when X could provide 40 reasons in why Y is the one, then stop the list at his request as there were one too many reasons. And when she then broke that list down detailing why Y is the best for her and the vast number of qualities and attributes he brings with him.
That would make you greatful.

I always thought that when both X & Y had consulted Allah and he was pleased.
NOTHING could taint that.

I guess I was wrong.



  1. A lesson learnt?

    What you thought is nothing compared to the big guy up there....

    Welcome to the big, bad world. It's actually quite fun when you get here haha.

    On a serious note, Allah (swt) is making you stronger for something better inshaAllah. Well, that's what I get told anyway:D

  2. Keep in mind, that there are so many other variables in almost every situation besides X and Y.

    Keep your chin up dude and say inshallah. :)

  3. Allah knows best what is best for us. When The One comes along Allah will make it happen and you won't even realise that was The One. Allah is the best of Planners and the best for us to leave our affairs with. May Allah make it easy for us to bear with patience till that moment happens because its reason is so perfect.