Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Seven Days

It's been a long, busy week. Like all weeks these days. I've been feeling somewhat disorientated. I've had the marriage naggers on my case for years. Last week like all weeks kept me amused. Alhamdulillah :)

Lets break it down Craig David's - 7 Days style. Correction, Soulseek's - 7 Days, with some commentary of course. 


I woke up, went downstairs to get some breakfast
Granny from down the street started had started
"SS when are you gonna get married?
I wanna eat the biriyani at your wedding."

I'm certain you guys have biriyani almost every weekend! My wedding won't be any more special.

Took her for a drink on tuesday
Then I hit work on tuesday
Jackie said "Boy, you need to get married" 

Jackie sits across my desk. She's a wife. A mother. A daughter and a sister. She's married to a Muslim. She's also french. She's 31 and she's super kind. Always trying to force feed me cakes. Even though she knows I'm a gym rat. Bless her.

"SS, I was 21 when I got married. I know as Muslims for you guys to be in a relationship you must be committed. Why are you wasting time? Come on."

Ouch. Way to go girl. That cut me deep.

We were making love by wednesday
Had to organise an event on wednesday
had tafsir class straight after
everyone was making shaadi jokes with laughter

Large events, warming. Know pretty much everyone. Boys gather up "please explain to us how someone like you is single? It just doesn't make sense." Cue the debate. Stood there like a victim. Smiling.

Had tafsir class straight after. Like every weekday eve. We're currently studying Surah An-Nur. (Amazing btw) Hitting all those things every single and married person should know. Adultery, fornicating, marriage, accusations, divorces etc

Mufti was going through a difficult ayah. As usual, I was on a question bombing frenzy. Just had to open my big mouth. One of the students shouted out "SS don't worry, Allah has someone special reserved for you." Another one "Mufti, SS is patient. Drop him some hadiths. Cause every young guy gets weak at some point." Mufti then looked at me. Smiled. He and some hadith students started citing some dal'il (evidence) from kitaab ul nikah.

And on thursday
the same thing happened as wednesday
There was another event. Different group of boys. Poke and prod SoulSeek day.

My brothers grilled me til
the sun tilt-down

Straight after work, brother needed help with the family business. Eldest brother popped in. All of the staff was having hell of a time talking about me and marriage options/potentials. Everyone agreed with my views but that didn't stop them going on about how, they too, want to eat on my wedding day. Must be an asian ting.Not must be. I know it is! Cheapskates lol.

Saturday was a chill

Nice day. Hit the gym. Heavy and hard. Boys called up, "SS, trekking in 30 mins?" "Errrm, okay." Rushed home, showered, prayed. There was 13 of us. 13 ethnics in a group, doing any activity = guaranteed laughs.

You'd be naive to think we can last the day without it turning to girls. "Lads, remember, no talking about girls!" Heck, who cares. Ethnics break the rules within minutes. 

"Guys SS is the man! Masha'Allah this dude knows so much, speak to him." No you've all got it wrong. I am single and I know nothing! :\

I got asked the same question and same comments made third time that week:
"You've got it all, what's the hold up?"
"Man you have to lower your standards, we know your top shelf but come on!"
"Lead by example brudda"
Blah blah blah.

The trek itself was awesome. We had such a laugh. My legs were not happy! Heavy legs session in the gym followed by serious miles. Then finished by work til stupid o' clock. 

When we got to the top!

Dang. Doesn't Allah's creations just dazzle you?

Through sunday 

"Assalamu Alaikum amma!"

"Your Aunty called and she gave her salaams" said mum. "When she woke up for tahajjud she had a dream. You sent her glad tidings you were getting married."

I laughed. Awesome.



  1. Ah good old marriage naggers.. I remember an old joke (probably in bad taste) but there was a girl and at every wedding all the old women used to say "it's you next, it's you next". She got fed up with the comments and at the next funeral she went up to all those old women and said "it's you next!"..
    Umm I have a awful sense of humour:)

  2. Hahaha I've heard that before. That's cruel! But I did laugh!

  3. Nice post!

    LOL at the marriage naggers! They're always fun!

    Yours Truly x

  4. So what is that you are not married yet? :P

  5. Tauqeer - Right, that's you off the biryani list! =P

  6. LOL! Loved it :D
    ..and Subhan'Allah, you must have got too excited hearing about the dream. I know i would have!
    Your Companion is coming closer... insha'Allah.

  7. lol, Craig David. I remember a couple of his songs. Must be frustrating, right? Some people make it seem as though getting married is easy. Although, your aunt's dream is sweet! InshaAllah, it'll come true soon. :)