Saturday, 30 April 2011

It's Official

Pakistani's are the most difficult people in the world. In every single aspect, hands down.

Na, they can't give a straight answer for anything. I swear our forefathers had a special procedure of dropping every child on their head from 5ft 9.3 inches, just to be sure they instilled some kind of crazy in them. We must go through a minimum of 3 hoops, swap our left hand with our right hand. And perhaps do some kind of shirk whilst we're at it. Yup, that's us.

Then there's always the good. Our jokes? No one tops them. I've been trying to decipher how our elders work. I've just accepted they're paks. And that's it. Don't question it. Just excuse it.

Kao peeo teh aish karo! That's how we roll. 


  1. lol,'kay..hardly understood a word..but then ur just being pakistani,hah gotcha!

    Every country and people have their eccentrics and bits of strange stuff that makes one cringe.Life eh.

  2. What are you talking about dude? Us Pakis are the best!

    Honestly, don't let elders' views get to you. Unfortunately, you'll find it's the same in every culture. I kinda get an idea which area of Pakistan you're from and to be honest, we're not all like that.

    Oh and they never give you a straight answer just in case you hold them to it:)

  3. Ahlam - You know it!

    SI - Hey hey, I wasn't hating! We all do love it. It's just them frustrating moments of where you try to make sense of things but things always take a u-turn in our region of the world.

  4. yeh yeh but...that's paks for you "innit"? haha

    I deal with it by smiling and ignoring the lot of them because none of them make any frigging sense whatsoever. I'm sure they'll come to my way of thinking soon enough though, I hope. otherwise i've lost....

  5. Haha you're learning! Slowly but surely..

    You've lost. I'll tell you that for free. Today, now.

  6. Salaam,

    Unfortunately I have to agree with you brother SoulSeek. I believe it's the culture (no matter which region one's from). But as SI said, it's best not to let the view of elders get to you and try to maintain your sanity while you can.

    I've found smiling, ignoring (politely!) and setting a positive example seems to work well.

    Hope all is well, Insha'Allah!

  7. Wait till you encounter the pak politics...