Monday, 18 April 2011

An Update

I'm going to try for a 15 min update. Time starts... now!

I've started on quest #3 insha'Allah, it should take a couple of years to manifest. It makes all the time I'm investing beneficial. I pray Allah (swt) makes it easier with sincere intentions.

For quest 1, we had a potential prospect over. The mother, daughter and sister. Awesome, awesome family. Me and the alima's brother are good friends. He said he doesn't know anyone better who he'd give his sister away to. Real brotherhood masha'Allah :)  It was more of family friends coming over for dinner as opposed to marriage. However, the mother spoke to me privately. I asked her to seek approval from her daughter before anything happened. She's an alima. Interesting prospect. She's about 2 years younger than me, making her the second youngest prospect of all those I've pursued. Her mother said she's going to take her Syria to study as a part of her Alima studies this summer. I'm going to casually meet her eldest brother for a grilling session in a few weeks.

12 minutes to go..

Work. I'm a contracted consultant. A very small percentage can make this position in their early twenties. My contract is due, so I finish tomorrow maybe? I could pick up more projects but I'm somewhat disorientated. It pays really well. I work whenever I want. I do the hours I want. I enjoy what I do. Dream job right? I'm going to call it a day. There's something more I want. Higher aspirations.

I have to make a decision that will affect quest 1 and 2.  Ah man, big decisions. I can't take this stuff lightly. It does change everything.

(At this point, I ended up responding to an email.) So, 3 minutes to go...

Aisha was the only prospect I had strong feelings for. This part of me that really cared for her. She hit some nerve no female has before. Any how, someone told me she was asking about me. She heard I was getting married (????). She's getting married. When I heard this I felt like a slab fell on my chest. It was heavy. But then there was this part of me that was glowing with smiles for her. Finally, things are looking up for her. I always wanted her to succeed. I would always make dua for her. She's special. Just hope this dude is up to scratch. 

And it's time! (Well I went a few minutes over, meh who cares) 

Calling it a night with a funny video:


And a funny picture:



  1. looooool @ video and pic.

    I hope all goes well for ya. May Allah make those descisions easy for you.

    Nice blog by the way. :D

  2. Ok Al Ghazali - you think too much!

  3. salams bro,
    what a trend eh! man, I know how you feel about Aisha getting married. All I can is and do is make dua for you, may Allah swt grant you 1000x better than Aisha for you (thats 1000x better in both deen and duniya ameen.)

    take care bro

  4. complications - Ameen and thank you for dropping by :)

    SI - No way hosay!

  5. sailoress - You seem to be trend setter around these parts eh? Ameen to your dua. I sincerely hope Allah makes it easier for you.

  6. its good Aisha is getting married, insha'Allah everything works out for her & that he will treat her right. but at the same time, it must be hard for you

    just keep going & never lose faith :)