Friday, 8 April 2011

Moments Of Regrets

A survey was carried out here on regrets. Romance topped out as the most frequent one.

"Roese said many of those who took part in the survey were eager to do so, and some even became tearful as they spoke."

Then this part here, is ever so profound:

“Regret is something that can push people into better success in the future,” Roese said. “It’s a motivator. ... It’s a benefit if you take a lesson and move on quickly. It’s a problem if you keep [re-living] that same regret over and over again.”

My concious is clear, I have no major regrets.

For those of you who became people of understanding. Did you make any decisions you regret? Did you turn down any good suitors because your criteria of thinking at the time were not so good ideals? Your experiences and views?


  1. Jeez you ask about regrets and no-one wants to talk about them!

    Have had no regrets about any decision made.

    And the only way to remove doubts is to exhaust every possibility of any given situation so that you never regret any decision.

    We all have ‘What ifs’. It’s life. Reading too much into the past is a waste of the present.

  2. I think everybody makes regretful decisions at one point or another. Big or small, we sometimes feel like we could have chosen a better option! But then, we learn from it and become "people of understanding" like you mentioned. And they always find a way to let go and keep their concious clear.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Yours Truly x