Friday, 11 March 2011

Types Of Muslim Girls

1. The Wild One: She hits the clubs like it's her birthday. Bhangra gigs are her thing. Mum doesn't quite know what she's up to but she knows how to play 'I'm a good girl, I'll make roti' at home.

2. The In-Betweener: She doesn't wear hijaab but she dresses fairly modestly by our western standards. She's a good girl with good characteristics. Sometimes prays. Knows of the straight path but is afraid to commit. Insha'Allah she says.

3. The Sheesha Girl: Wears the trendiest of hijaab's with apple bottom jeans. Known to be loud, sociable and the more in and happening muslim girl. They lurve smoking sheehsa and chilling out. Typically associated with most Uni girls.

4. The One: She wears the proper hijaab. She can be down to earth, intelligent and on a level. Generally she's the right kind of mix in the midst of these categories.

5. The Self-Righteous One: This one floats. She's too pious, self-righteous and believes she's better than the other girls. She fails to look around and re-evaluate herself. Lighten up lil' lady.

Any kind of generalisation is a weak basis of reason and logic. However, these are the types of muslim girls I see out there. You can imagine the type I'm looking for.

If you feel you're 'the one' then please send your resume, photo, and a 300-word essay to Applicants may also apply via phone. So if you like me, 079-me. I'm a fair guy. So, I'm all for equal opportunities...

...Joke ;)  


  1. this is pretty interesting. i don't know if this makes sense to you, but to me it seems that when people are often self righteous, thats bad because thats arrogance, but also that helps them be a more moral person in many ways. Like, if someone has a lot of pride that they are really good and moral and stuff, then maybe they will be more likely to stay away from the haram stuff, because they look down at that kind of stuff and feel completely disgusted by it. of course they shouldn't be arrogant, but maybe it sometimes has its benefits. does this makes sense or am i completely off base?

  2. is this a trick i.e someone considers themselves the one, thus showing they are in fact arrogant...ohh your sly


  3. Soulseek, that was pretty cool. Widening your net I see. You should start another blog, "Guys : Tips to find the ONE" or something like that. And yes Y who do make some sort of sense.
    But is it halal for them to mail you and exchange details? Just a bit concerned. Despite our best intentions, Shaitan can lead us astray. so think twice, brother.


  4. It's funny because I can apply all those scenarios to guys as well. The thing I like to remember is this:

    "Women impure are for men impure, and men impure for women impure, and women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity..."

  5. y - I understand what you're trying to say but it's not the category I'm thinking of. When you become arrogant, you undo the fundamental principles of faith. So for example, I know of examples that look down on the in-betweeners, and attempt to bully 'the one'. Are they forgetting their obligations towards them? There is no superiority in Islam.

    I know what you're referring but and I get it, but it's not the one I'm talking about.

    Anon - Not at all!

  6. Azra - Whoosh! I have no intention of that, it was a light hearted joke. This post is purely about the kind of girls I see.

    SI - Absolutely. It's a two way street. And truly, there is someone out there for someone. Be it one extreme, to the other.

  7. Salaam,

    This is interesting, I see someone's been spying on the girls *nudge wink*

    best of luck

  8. Salam bro, U've never mentioned how old u r? Could be a catalyst for a host of potentials... ;)

  9. I think you generalise us muslim women to much and you should open your eyes a little more, you say you are looking for a wife, amybe you should ask Allah for some patience and stopping judging and generalising those around you.

  10. Woah Im sure the brother meant good! lol
    Besides I agree with it mostly but Im not sure cos the in-between sistas..they could be shifting to sheesha sometimes or the 'one' could jump over the fence to self-righteous kingdom, y'know cos iman increases and decreases....idk:)

    You would notice these differences in uni though, at least I have and its pretty realistic when you look at it that way.But then, for every rule there is an exception.

    Sooo...Lets have a types of Muslims boys list now!

  11. Nvm they're the same.

  12. Soulseek you better type a retraction. You are losing fans out here brother..... :)

  13. As Salaamu Alaykum
    I've just started to read your blog because someone shared a link yesterday and mA, it's amazing. A very good read.

    It's so true what you just said about "Types of Muslim Girls" ..I couldn't have said it any better.
    Still, there's nothing wrong with being "too Pious" just as long as you're not arrogant, looking down at people and have that intention of helping others for the Sake of Allah.

    May Allah make it easy for you to find "The One"
    She's out there somewhere :)

  14. Ness - Walaikum Salaam, *ahem* just observing my surroundings :) And thank you.

    Anon - Walaikum Salaam, Aha now that would be telling!

    Angel - Ameen to your dua. I fail to see any kind of judgement being passed. Lets go back a little. "Any kind of generalisation is a weak basis of reason and logic. However, these are the types of muslim girls I see out there." Self explanatory.

    Lets simplify the concept a little. I could have made this post with a very simplistic group, think practising/non-practising. That was too bland for my taste and it wouldn't serve much of a purpose. Society isn't bleak, it isn't black and white. There are actually colours, shapes, sounds and smells.There's a lot of variety. Muslims are great for this, we see so many varieties. I could have gone as far creating 20 types. That was too in-depth for my liking (and I didn't quite have the time). I went with what felt the easiest to get a flavour of my surroundings.

    That is all. Nothing more and nothing less. Smile :)

  15. Ahlam - You've hit the nail on the head! Truth be told, I've met some amazing in-betweeners. Those that are working to become the one. As humans we're naturally progressive creatures.

    Hahaha, that made me laugh. They are indeed the same. They're probably worse than the ladies. Khair insha'Allah.

    Azra - If somebody misinterprets or chooses to take something in a certain light. That's their choice. I would never change that. I will stand for the truth and nothing but the truth.

    bintH - Walaikum Salaam, thank you for dropping by. I really hope you continue to hang around and keep commenting :)

    I agree, if somebody has that extra ooomph of good, surely that has to be a good thing?

    Ameen, Ameen and Ameen!