Sunday, 20 March 2011

Small Note For Sisters

A smile is charity. A smile is sadaqah. A smile brings happiness. I'll be dropping a whole on entry on smiling because that's how awesome it is.

However, I'm convinced there's a club of sisters out there ruining my day. I know what you're up to. I'm catching on.

Intiative: Ruin SoulSeek's day. Every day. 

Ladies. PLEASE. Don't smile at us single, lonely brothers. Kittens die each time you do.

Daily occurrences, that's what they are. I'm prodding along, minding my own business. Looking down like us single guys do. This one road in particular quite amazing. You can see the whole city. Whilst admiring the views I see something bright and purple. I look and she's looking my way with a gleaming smile.

I get the whole it's Sunnah to smile but come on. Have mercy. Can you girls just carry a "Single - Looking for marriage" sign if that is your intention? It would make life so much easier.

I'm convinced you're all having one heck of a laugh at my expense.

Thanks for listening.


  1. i can't tell you how true this is. single lonely brothers and smiling sisters are a bad

  2. Too right, come to think about it. That's how the whole Aisha chronicles had begun. :\

  3. yeah wallah haraam ,sisters.

    Even more that kittens die each time,I love kittens,they died downstairs in my flat when I was kid. Don't remind me.

    We should just promote the serious facial look and demeanour . I actually can't smile at a guy unless he looks old(which back-fired) or is the bus driver or just someone who I feel is not in the realm of danger.

  4. ^ lol same here, It makes people think I am really rude/serious/emotionless though so it can backfire in another way. But please explain to me this thing about brothers (I'm not pointing you out specifically). They seem to want sisters who don't smile or aren't too flirty but at the same time they will say that you are "too stern" and don't think your interested if your serious around them (does that make sense).

    Anyway I shall be back inshaAllah, interesting blog.

  5. ^ and I'm not talking about being stern in the whole getting to know stage, just in your general interactions.

  6. :)

    Just kidding lol. That's how we feel too.

    @Mariam It's true. If you're reserved, it gets misinterpreted.

  7. I like the line "I see something bright and purple"

    maybe she was looking at the view of the city as well & not smiling directly at you. Allahu alim

    honestly who are we to know who the "single lonely" brothers are.. you dont carry signs either

    I tend not to smile at people I dont know because it gives the wrong impression but I smile at older people

  8. Accept the smile for the Sadaqah that it is. Make dua that these anonymous girls continue smiling.

    InshaAllah soon you'll find the girl who loves your smile, and her smile will be better than all those random girls combined.

  9. Interesting, the whole city? Just by standing on the road lol.

    Anyways, Islamically i'm sure it's Haraam for women to be smiling at men? To be honest, that's a reminder for myself because i also do it unintentionally. It's my nature, i smile quite a bit but now i tend to do it at Grandad looking men to be on the safe side lolll.
    Sometimes, it's just natural that you'll end up smiling at Brothers, not realising. ..Or if you're at a resturant etc politeness can go over board like it has with me.
    Once my politeness got me 2 extra free Doughnuts :D ..i realised when i got home though :\

    If you wanna smile, smile in a "Halaal manner". A manner that won't get someone else's feeling rising or anger Allah swt.

    May Allah protect us all from such Fitna!

  10. salamunalaikum alhee!

    Im glad to land here, seems interesting to read.

    bro,could u plz send me the background pic of your blog. I just want it brother.

    Thank you in advance.

  11. Assalaam Alaikum brother Soulseek,

    Unfortunately there have been occasions where my smile and being friendly has gotten me in trouble so I can understand the difficulty for brothers. And I completely agree with the previous comments in regard to how important for both brothers and sisters to remain aware of our interactions with the opposite gender, whether we're at university or simply picking up something from the drug store. Ameen to the du'a above!

    Insha'Allah, the girl whom you marry will outshine all the other smiles you've seen. =)

  12. Salamun alayk
    My 2p worth: Guys can go mush when girls smile, but at the same time, girls minds can go into overdrive when they find a guy looking…!!

    Anyway, just discovered your blog, and it’s very interesting seeing things from “over the fence” as it were, as usually it’s only muslimahs talking about these issues.

    …sits down more comfortably in her chair and grabs a large tub of popcorn whilst having a nosey through the blog…

  13. Mariam - I hear you loud and clear. I like a lady who knows how to smile but flirty? Prior marriage that's a huge NO!

    That certainly isn't true. I, for one... don't want a lady who's robotic. I'm not quite sure I got the whole stern thing, could you reiterate what you meant?

    SI - How about you campaign for this single sign, eh?

    Ness - :).

    RedBerries - Ah, that would be icing on the cake. Insha'Allah, Insha'Allah and Insha'Allah!

  14. bintH - I certainly don't see anything wrong with smiling itself. Unless, there are some serious ill intentioned smilers going around causing havoc! May Allah protect us from all kinds of Fitna.

    Sara - Walaikum Salaam :) Insha'Allah!

    Haych - I'll certainly bear that in mind. Put your feet up and enjoy your stay. There's only one rule amongst us here. Pass that popcorn along!!

  15. Actually.....I am a happy person and smile at everything with no underlying intentions. I don't smile randomly at people I don't know but when you are going through the 'process' I agree with Mariam that sometimes you get/give mixed messages and signals which often get misinterpreted. For example, I don't speak or meet up with guys on my own. I am reserved and definitely not flirty and what Mariam is saying is the same thing that it's difficult to know how to act as there are different types of people you meet. I decided a long time ago that the best thing is to be yourself. I think if people are strong and secure within themselves, then they wouldn't feel weak or tempted in these situations in the first place.......