Tuesday, 29 September 2009

And so it begins . .

Uni term is has started. It feels weird to be back.

The number of muslim this year round . . Allahu Akbar! The prayer rooms are packed, the number of covered sisters has increased and my network is growing. I must have met and had a chat with about 20/25 brothers at the freshers dinner! 

"Yo bro, wifey? . . . Me: ~shakes head~

This is first question/response upon returning to Uni. Yes, the single, muslim nation is getting bigger and urm . . bigger!

Where am I with marriage? I don't know. A lot of events have recently given me perspective. Some . . freaked me out!

I intend to get some of my thoughts written up but time is really pressing! My leisure time has been reduced and I spend it in the gym, attending Islamic classes, reading and spending time with those who are close to me.

A few updates . . 

My parents informed me of another offer and they're ecstatic about it. I caught a glimpse of her approx 8 months ago at a wedding. She had a received a number of proposals and my parents said at the time she'd extremely difficult to get hold of. I met her father a few months back and he's such an awesome guy, a caring family man.One teeeeny issue . . I found out she's 3, almost 4 years older than me. I'm not too sure where I stand on this issue.

A hijaabi sister asked me out to dinner. Okaaaaaaaaaay, this .  .  I wasn't expecting! I didn't know how to respond to this. Don't get me wrong, I was flattered and all that but I just quite didn't know how to respond! You know when you brain cogs just freeze? Yeah, I kinda had that moment. I responded with "As fun as it would be, sorry I can't!". I just hope she understood and didn't take it the wrong way!

Life is interesting. Every day is a lesson. I keep learning. It seems Allah is guiding me with the people I meet. I've met some interesting, some motivating and downright strange people as of recent!

I've been patient but it's extremely difficult. I've had a lot more offers than brothers I know and it's equally as daunting. I just wish this process would be easier.

Easier? Where's the fun in that?

And so it continues . .


  1. wowwwwww lol a hijabi asked you for dinner hehehhe

  2. Que passa senor Quest!

    Great words and what caught my attention is that dinner-inviting sista: looks like your reaction was instant, even though you thought you were sorta confused.

    A "sorry I can't" -- was that for the values she signals by the way she chose to express her interest by inviting you, which may be less than agreeable for you?

    Or is it a "sorry I can't" about her as a person? Or is it a "sorry I can't" cuz I'm flattered but this sounds Islamically wrong kinda thing?

    yes, I am evil and so are my questions :-) .... but you know what i'm doing ...


  3. about flattering. I'll tell that is a RARE experience...or perhaps only rare from where I come from?

    I'm interested in hearing answers to Female Quest's questions.

  4. Frau Quest,

    It's the latter . . I'm flattered but this is Islamically wrong.

    She hasn't said anything since. I should provide some sort of reasoning because it can be demoralising not receiving an explanation.