Monday, 28 February 2011

The Beginning Revisited

Assalamu Alaikum y'all,

This blog is officially hitting a revamp. I'm not talking about just the looks. It's changing for the better insha'Allah.The complete shebang.

The search  is about to be redefined.

I started this blog in my late teens. Whilst I've stuck to the premise, I haven't quite got out what I wanted to. So, that changes here and now.

Here a few things that will change:

I will post more frequently. This means an increase in volume and content. More talks. More material, the good stuff that I've found on my ventures. This blog will now become more personal. I will talk about my experiences as they progress. I say this because I've wrote so much content that I never got round to posting and it's no longer applicable. A waste of time and effort. I'm doing this more for me. If I'm committed to thinking and writing about issues, the chances are that I can deal and resolve them sooner. In addition, by posting and referencing things... this means I get back into my routine of reading and sharing stuff that may benefit you.

The design and layout is so '09. The colours were somewhat depressing. I knocked up a new design that's more friendlier to the eyes. And yes that's me on top of mount Hira (good times!) :D. How does the page scale for you guys? I noticed because the image is in a fixed position it varies how it's displayed between some browsers/phone's. Any comments on the design?

Increase traffic. I've had a lot of opportunities to increase this blog's traffic but I've been reserved and lazy about it. That's going to change. As one of the very few male's in the west talking about this issue. It's quite a niche. I'd appreciate it if you guys could pimp out a shout ;)

Expect more raw topics. Lets talk about pornography. Lets talk about sex. Lets talk and deal with these issues that Muslims seem to ignore. Ladies, brace yourselves

All the prospects will now be referred to by a number system. It's starting to get confusing with the names, lets keep it simple.

A final disclaimer. Everything I post are my own opinions (like srsly :P). I'm not like the 'mainstream' Muslim. I don't fit in a particular muslim category, I suppose that's why a lot of people approve of me heh. I will question issues til I'm convinced and I understand. Fortunately Islam does have an answer for everything. And that's why I'm here as a Muslim. I post evidence and daleel where it's appropriate but please, I'm no scholar. Please ask fiqh related issues at your local masjid/source. I don't want the responsibility of misguiding anyone. Capiche?

The search, part 2 is about to begin.

Let the good stuff begin.


  1. Great to see you've got your spark back. I look forward to reading your future entries insha'allah .

  2. Assalaam Alaikum brother,

    MashaAllah, it's great to see that you have a new outlook on everything! Insha'Allah, I'm hoping the new content will be beneficial to all because you're right when you say that the subject matter you're blogging about falls in a minority – a male perspective on the process of getting married is a niche indeed.

    My only suggestion on the layout is widening the margins because the posts (closest to the left side of the screen) are slightly unreadable due to the light background in the picture.

    All in all, I too am looking forward to reading future entries, iA. =)

  3. Alhumduillah, great to see you back with a bang!!!!!!!!!!!
    About time someone was man enough to focus on the issues affecting our Muslim youth, men and women both.
    May Allah SWT guide you and make things easy for you, Brother.
    Waiting eagerly for the next post!!!!!!

  4. looking forward to the discussion topics. i think there's a lot of issues that need to be talked about, and that we all have different opinions on.

  5. Sara - Walaikum Salaam,

    Can you please tell me what's your screen resolution? Everything seems to be good at my end. A screenshot would be mucho appreciated if you can drop me a line? Thank you.

    Azra - Ameen and Thank you! That put a smile on my face! :)

    y - Absolutely. Looking forward to your thoughts too!

  6. After viewing your blog on a laptop, as opposed to a desktop computer, it seems the issue was with the screen resolution. It was 1024 x 768 by the way.

    But it seems you've eliminated the semi-transparent background? It's all good though, whatever works best. =)

  7. Yes the layout is so much better with the ayah, I thought Id come on the wrong site.

    And no that is not you on the mountain,wallah I thought it was cartoon!MashAllah,I hope I get to go to hajj too, ameen.

  8. Sara - Thanks, I'll stick to this for now :)

    Ahlam - Haha, it's just one of them epic pictures! Ameen and insha'Allah.