Friday, 25 February 2011

Wedding Bells?

Not quite yet. 

We talked wedding dresses. Rings. Future. Living and arrangements with the in-laws. Children too. My quest for 10 children insha'Allah!

She was the only girl to make it to Soulseeks' place of residence. Met all my siblings, some of my nieces too. She even got to see my bedroom too. Hah. Crazed!

Here's the deal. Whilst a lot happened I don't have a great deal to say.

Things didn't work out. We were so close. We worked on things and before hand we managed to gain an understanding in each others styles of conflict and general behaviour. She made mistakes. I made some mistakes.

Our levels of maturity were very different. Being raised as an only child and her upbringing, lets just say I had a different picture of how I thought she would react in situations. After a while I come to the realisation it wasn't a big deal. Yes she was immature but at the same time it was beautiful that she was this woman waiting to blossom and grow. One that I'd be responsible for. All these issues and things were stuff we could work on. She frustrated the hell out of me. She was a bit weird too. But it was all gravy.

Her behaviour became quite worrying. Her family and friends cussed her for her attitude. Her best friend said to me she wanted to find me another prospect because she couldn't believe my suitor. Lol. In the end I just found us going around in circles. She wasn't ready for marriage. Despite throwing around a words.

She became that emotional thing again. She said she would regret this. Finding someone who is the complete package and the definition of what a 'man should be' with deen. She said her life was so difficult right now, she would want me to give her another chance and reconsider in the future if I was available.

Sorry, your chance is gone. And thank you for giving me just what I needed. Experience, perspective and understanding. I don't think I'll ever get to speak to another suitor as much as I talked to this one. It was a blessing that both of our parents allowed us meet and talk prior in a halaal setting to our hearts content (which were full days!)

I used to be a guy that had good characteristics but... they were imblanaced. Things are getting much better. When I'm thrown into the deepest end, I learn the most. I went through a difficult phase, confused and lacking understanding. But after E-V-E-RY-THING? I feel this contentment. My wife is going to be a very happy woman. Insha'Allah. I'm certain I will fulfil my part of the deed.

I did sit and think why women were such vicious creatures? After all this misfortune, I thought it was always the women that complicated matters. I put in a great deal of time, emotions and effort.

But after my decision. I smile. Because it's becoming quite easy. My time will come by appointment and by his grace and his grace alone.

I was with my friend last night, "Soulseek, in a non-gay way. You've got a really nice smile. Masha'Allah of course... don't want my hunk of a brother to get nazar now do we?" We've got this crazy sense of humour. "Praa wherever we go, all girls look at us and all the guys want to be like us. We're so lovable." I laughed and butted in "I'm gonna kick your ass, so shurrup. Oh and say Masha'Allah dude, say Masha'Allah!" "Whatever Mr Modest. Seriously though, after everything that's happened, your situation - how do you do smile like that? You do it around all of us we think you're life is so good but I've caught glimpses of sadness when you're alone. How are you so, well... in control and relaxed about things?"

I've learnt a great deal about myself. Just when you think you know, you really don't. I will never make the same mistake twice. Icing on the cake. That's what it was. I've learnt so much. Alhamdulillah, I'm so grounded and ready for marriage. It's crazy. Everything else in my life is in order. In addition to my previous qualities. I've become this assertive guy. That has tolerance but takes no crap. Confident, not in just speech but attitude. Given respect and surrounded by good people. That ability to sense and deal with situations responsibly and properly. Compassionate. In control of my emotions. More patient. Strong. I didn't think I would hit this stage for a few years. I've hit this stage in my life. What can I say?

I was supposed to be having my nikkah next weekish or thereabouts. Funny how things turn. It's weird how this situation hasn't bothered me in comparison to all my other ventures; even though I invested and progressed far more than the others. I am becoming that guy. Painful but worth it.

And, so it continues.

The search is on . .

In other news. I saw this sister just smiling at me. Pretty girl. Anyways, I continued walking looking elsewhere talking on the phone. Hmmm. I really know that face. I mean really. Oh sh- sugar. It's Husna. 


  1. Assalaam Alaikum brother Soulseek,

    I've been reading your last few entries, but have refrained from responding because to be honest, I wasn't quite sure what to say. But what I would like to say is, although it may slip our minds, Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala gives us such trials in order to prepare us for what we are ultimately seeking, at His appointed time. Everything after all happens as He wills.

    And it's difficult to take the moments bring us down in stride, but MashaAllah it's clear that you truly are learning from the experiences you've been given, whether they were negative or positive. Some of us might not be so mature or level headed if we were in your position so I really have to give you props for how you're handling everything.

    I know I've said this before but U just want to remind you, Insha'Allah, your time will come. =)

    P.S. Are you Punjabi? The praa gave it away, lol.

  2. I meant to say "I" not "U" in that last sentence, but hopefully you got what I meant, lol.

  3. LOL, la hawla wa la quwata illa billah!

    Well, I guess thats the negative aspect of 'halal-dating',out of the blue embarrassing

    To be honest,wallahi and I say wallahi, I am glad you didnt go through with this.Why? Because after you mentioned certain qualities in her I pictured this certain individual who is a pain-of-a-wife and I just remembered her...its amazingly scary. I was thinking no,no,no, somebody stop him!

    Alhamdulilah, may Allah give you somebody mature, not just ready to have babies and a house but one ready for the trials, because marriage is not just about a fancy house or cutie-cutie babies its about patience,responsibility,giving your spouse their rights first before asking for yours,selflessness: basically you're entering an equation where you look to add and give.

    I think a lot of marriages these days are breaking up because each spouse is thinking of what they can get out of it, instead of looking at it as 'ibadah/worship and a chance to be a covering for someone as Allah swt mentions that each spouse is a garment for the other..and what do garments do? They shelter us,give us warmth,give us dignity,beautify us,cover our 'awrah,our faults... until they become old and wear out...sacrifice..sigh.Im getting philosphical here:D

    Good luck,

  4. Sara - Walaikum Salaam,

    We all see our true colours when we're under pressure. At that given moment in a situation, that is who we are and how we handle things. Whether we like it or not. That's the truth.

    I completely agree, these experiences do shape us and Allah (swt) does prepare us for whatever we may be seeking.

    Jazakallah Khair for your kind words and I hope so too! Haha, maybe or maybe not :)

    Ahlam - Hey!! What are you laughing at? Lol.

    It's madness isn't it? I too, took some of them qualities and related it to people I knew. Not that I could predict what could happen but more of a 'this is reality of such qualities'.

    Insha'Allah and indeed. You know what? You've hit the nail on the head there. Bravo :)

  5. salam bro,

    i havent commented in a long time, but i've been reading most of your posts though. but i'm confused. is this a different girl now? i don't think you've talked about her before in any of your other posts, if i'm right. sorry, i've lost track and some of this gets kind of confusing, lol.

  6. Wsalaam y,

    Where have you been?! Thanks for dropping by. This was a different girl. Hahaha, and for that reason the numbering system is in place!

  7. Salaam, been reading your blog quite a big and I got to say you're really good.

    I mean not this particular blog post, which was really upsetting to read but your blog overall is really insightful and deep.

    Sorry to hear about the above post (I know its a bit late to comment on it but even so).