Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Just A Smile

There's something quite powerful about the past.


I was sat down in the masjid. It was strange. I saw her. She came walking towards me and she sat down. There was something different about her. Ah yes, she was wearing a hijab with a loose niqab. I smiled "Good girl. Good good girl. Rockin' the niqab I see? You look really grown up. How's it going? It's been.." I fumbled for a while. And I looked up "A long time."

That smile. No one rocks it like her. It's the smile that makes you smile. It's an Aisha smile. She sat across me. "I have, so much to tell you." "I wanted to tell you, everything is going to be alright. You only deserve the best. Trust me, It's all going to be well." She started blushing. "Insha'Allah, of course it will." I said.

I was thinking to myself. How strange? I last heard from her ages ago and left things as they were. I haven't thought about her at all. How bizarre. How... Oh look, people around me are smiling. I'm smiling too. I like this.

I turned to my side. My arm felt better. I proceeded to roll over onto my other pillow. I woke up.

Something peaceful about it. A sigh of reassurance. A sigh of relief.


  1. What.

    C'mon dude, you've got to update us properly!

  2. awwh thats nice. but I'm agreeing with RedBerries, a proper update would be better