Monday, 28 February 2011

What Is It About Daughters?

I'm going to sound like a mentalist but here goes.

Whenever I meet friends' families and the kids, they all just want to play with me. Uncle SoulSeek is the man when it comes to kids. I'm blessed to have a number of nephews and nieces. I love them all and I get on with all kinds of kids. From the little cocky ones to the mutes. Boys or girls. I just have this way of befriending them.

I want to talk about my niece. I can spend hours playing with the girl and our conversations are hilarious. She's going to be such a beautiful and smart girl. I always tell her I'm going to kidnap her, she always has this cheeky grin. I've promised myself that I will always be there when she grows up.

With the boys, the dynamics are completely different. They come on the weekend, the eldest thinks he's ghetto and strong, usually gets put in his place within a few minutes. Hilarity ensues. We then do some sports/play or have 'boy talks'. The use of language is totally different too.

Blah blah blah.

Basically, I really want a baby girl :( One that is mine for the keeping, one that I can protect and look after. One, that when a guy comes to ask for her hand in marriage; if he hasn't wrestled a lion, beat me at everything I know/can do.. he ain't taking her anywhere.

Weird right? Most guys would gun for boys first. I even have her name too, assuming her mother doesn't have the same name. I feel like such a big softy!

I just had to share this vid:

Masha'Allah, how cute is she?! Tabarkallah feek :)


  1. Soo cute:) Loved it - didn't seem rehearsed at all;)

  2. Cheap tactic using the girl;)

  3. salams,

    i agree with you man. i also think a little baby girl is the best choice.