Monday, 10 January 2011

That Kind Of Woman

My image of the kind of woman I think I may end up sometimes changes quite radically. The kind of girl that fits the image.

Here's my most recent picture:

Waking up to her smile. The long days are worth it.

She can take a diss/joke and throw it back. She makes me laugh.

A girl that is competitive with the right kind of attitude. She wants to outpace me on the beach and beat me.

The kind, that when it's snowing, she would be up for going for a walk and have a snow fight. Even kick my ass.

The type that appreciates and acknowledges that I understand how much she's done for me. I want her to go and relax whilst I prepare dinner. Boy has she got an appetite. I like a girl that knows her food.

When the going gets tough, she knows that regardless of how different our views are, we'll succeed. Understands her position and responsibility as a woman and mine as a man. Respect.

Someone that can just sit and chill anywhere without complaining. You know, like your best mates. Companionship. Homie.

After a long day at work, she's the one thing you look forward to the most. My girl.

My wife. 


  1. I was expecting something honestly not very realistic but this sounds good. Hope you find her inshallah.

  2. Well if it's any reassurance there are definitely girls out there who fit your description - just keep praying, keep your eyes open and inshallah you will find her :)

  3. awww! that's so sweet! I hope your find it inshaAllah
    Jasmine :0)

  4. SubhanAllah.

    Honestly, it seems you've got the right idea...inshaAllah when you find her, she'll be better than you ever imagined.

    Salaam :)

  5. As salaamualaikum,

    You paint a beautiful picture. If you have a marriage resume, put this on it. One advice though. Don't do the dissing too often & you are all set. :)

  6. Assalaam Alaikum brother Soul Seek,

    Awww, that's really sweet! MashaAllah.

    If the these are the key traits you're looking for in a future wife then don't fret because there are definitely a large number of girls out there who have them. Stay patient and Insha'Allah in due time you'll find the one. =)

    BTW, it's nice to see you posting again.