Saturday, 10 December 2011

Where Has The Decency Gone?

Shamelessness. The less of it you have the more like animals you become. - Nouman Ali Khan

The more you look at someone, staring at someone unlike a decent human being. You're looking at them like an animal. A piece of flesh, a piece of meat.

Here's the fabric of brotherhood, you don't let anyone in your pack become an animal. When you see them looking at a women from top to bottom you know what they're thinking of is far from decency. Hey, what if that was your mother? What if that was your sister?

Granted we're living in a society where some women don't have respect for themselves but you need to have some self-respect and some dignity. Because meat is being displayed doesn't make it an open invitation for you to become like an animal and feast on it.

In a society where ideals such as "Freedom", "You only live once, live it to the max" and not forgetting the classical "Do what you like as long as two people consent to it, what's the problem?" It leads to shamelessness and corruption within society. We only have to look around us to see this freedom is failing society. There are many great things about this society but shamelessness isn't one of them.

We've become so immune to this filth, we have families who can sit together and when this filth comes on the TV, whilst sitting with your father, your mother, your brother and your sister we say "it's only one bad scene, it'll pass." Where's the respect?

"Oh this sister looks fine.." *Clicks - Add to friends* You're destroying your shamelessness and your character. Just a heads up; yes, she's super hot! I ain't gonna deny it but the akhira is even hotter - Jus sayin'. Not only are you going to taking your self to fitna, you're dragging this sister with you. Where's the decency?

You know that sister with the camel hump hijaab and apple bottom jeans? Or the one with the khaleeji hijaab? Guess what, 100's if not 1000's of other guys have checked her out just as you're checking her out. Do you want to befriend her just as others have? Where is the haya?

We need to revive the level of shame or it will destroy our family life. You will not have a healthy marriage and you certainly won't raise good children.

The prophet (saw) in all his wisdom warned us of a time where women would appear to be wearing clothes but they would not be wearing clothes.

If you watch and listen to shamelessness you will become shamelessness. If your company is shamelessness they will lead you to shamelessness.

We need to fix up. You hear that SoulSeek? "Loud and clear." 

Fix up.


  1. On the day of judgement, you will be raised up with the company you keep.

    I had an ex potential who's best mate had relationship after relationship - muslims and non muslims. I ended it because if he couldn't keep good company and wouldn't acknowledge/take a stand against this, then why on earth would he make a good father? He didn't get it:(

    Great post - thank you:)

    Do you know Nouman is coming to town?

  2. I watched a lecture on modesty by Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan so when i saw the quote I was like yay! lol.

    Amazing lecturer by the way... but your post really touched on all of the points.

    I think the level shamelessness is gone cause we're bumping our standards lower and lower. What you allow yourself to watch and tolerate or think is what you'll become and act like.

    I don't know about you but I find the camel hump hijab really ugly. -___- no offense to any of those who wear it that way.

  3. oops... I forget.. that he prefers to be called Ustadh Nouman Ali khan. Xp My bad.

  4. Brilliant post. Jazak Allah khair for the reminder.

  5. Sheikh Nouman is great!
    LOL @ " the akhira is even hotter" XD

    great post! x

  6. Watching,listening haraam can desensitize a person so that it feels normal to even act out the same things one sees.There's a reason why some say ''the eyes are the windows to soul''.
    (nope I don't know the authenticity of that but its interesting)
    Haya is very important may Allah preserve it for us.