Monday, 5 December 2011

This Is Belief - Entry 8

It's Monday morning and I was sat here talking to the dude across me about creationism, etymology and the great theism debate.

It made me realise what it means to be a Muslim. To believe in tawheed and to have a set of values that no man has defined.

The affair of the believer is amazing in that it is always good for him and this is true only for a believer. If something joyful comes to him, he gives thanks and that it is good for him. If something harmful comes to him, he is patient and that is good for him. [Muslim]

I pray all those who aren't mu'mins get to try this out some day.

It's hard, it's crap and it's testing but this is the very fabric of belief. Time to soldier on SoulSeek. Time to soldier on fella.


  1. You are in our duas inshaAllah. May Allah (swt) help you find best of the best inshaAllah. Although that would mean an end to this wonderful blog. But inshaAllah, Allah (swt) will bless you with her soon. maAssalam.

  2. y don't you make a post about wat kinda girl u'r lookin for? Do men like shy girls? Cuz I'm kinda shy, and sometimes have awkward moments, and i can be a clutz at times. I am sorta cute...but im awkward. wud guys like me?

  3. Anonymous - I thank you for your wonderful dua. Ameen.

  4. I love that hadith, its full of all sorts of awesome.