Sunday, 4 December 2011

Executing Hope - Entry 6

Mr P asked me again "should we find out if she's single?" I hesitated for a while and many thoughts came flooding through my head. It came down to the following, back then I felt she was the best for me and right now I feel the same. It scared me how I had defaulted to her over the others.

"Lets do this. I'm going to do istikhara and I'll give you a definitive answer."

I informed Mr P with my answer. Mr P spoke to his wife and his wife called around and managed to speak to her.

I heard she wasn't too pleased. Heck, I was expecting worse. But the important thing is.. she didn't say no.

I had no intention in speaking to her. Nah, that wasn't the way. I was going to find an opportunity to see her mother, her father and her. Rules are rules.

I spoke to my mother and she called her mother. She arranged for us to go and see them next week to congatulate them on their hajj.

I just got a call from a number I didn't recognise.

It was her. Deja vu.


  1. ugh, just say it already!! aisha?

  2. Don't think that's likely - wait is it?!!! Hmm...