Friday, 30 April 2010

Just had to share this :)

Exam times are almost here, still have so much work to do! The Aisha and Husna tail just got a little more interesting to say the least. I really didn't see this coming!

In the mean time, I just had to share this - I can't stop listening it. It's so beautiful! ^_^

يارفيق الدرب إني أذكر الفضل وأثني

My soul mate I remember your kindness and send you praise.

إنها لحظات شكرا وأمتنان لك مني

These are moments of gratitude for you..

كم حملت الهم عني عندما كلت يميني

For endless times you have held my back when I was down.

ولكم آزرتني في أمر دنياي وديني

And supported me in life matters as well in religion.

إنما يجنى الهدى من صحبت الخل الأميني من يسر في الروض يستنشق عبير الياسميني

Be hold the faithful mate to gain the guidance
for who walks in the garden smells the fragrance of jasmine

يوزن المرء بمن صاحب وأختار وليا وأنا أخترتك فازدت رقيا ورقيا

One is known by whom he chooses
I chose you and become a better person

أنت لي نبع من الإخلاص يبقى أبديا لم أزل أحمد ربي أن لي خلا وفيا

an eternal steam of faithfulness you are
and I still praise Allah for such a true mate


  1. Oh my gosh dude i loovveee this!!!
    its BEAUTIFUL!

    Had it on my fb a few months ago, couldnt stop listening to it because not only are the words so lovely and touching but the voice and stuff is soo calming and just sends me in a state of tranquility. A surge of happiness and calm overtakes me as soon as I hear it ^_^

    I'll just be quiet and listen to it now lol.
    Thankyou :)

  2. Mate I rinsed it lol :P

    love it love it love it! It lifts my spirit.
    But I should get some sleep now.
    I hope everythings good with you and that your in the best of health and emaan.


  3. Dude you're not meant to rinse it! =P

    It's still highly played on my iPod's playlist!

  4. Looll... this will always be a favourite! lifts me away in thoughts these days though, thoughts that ide rather not delve into, so I've backed away from it a bit lol. Looking forward to hearing your journey so far, you left us all at a cliffhanger!