Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Awkward Moment

The plan was initiated and carried out. I'm glad I had the patience I did whilst it was executed. Alhamdulillah. I did things to the best of my ability.

I have received responses from both Aisha and Husna. Things have taken a twist that I didn't expect. I am being tested. Its these tests where free-will is exercised and the decree from Allah is then set into motion.

Husna. Ah Husna. You don't fail to impress. Very intelligent. However, I disagree that "If Allah wanted this to work he would have made it easy". Tell me something. Do we have to work for our provisions? Of course we do. Things don't fall into place, it requires work and effort. I also disagree with a few other fundamental points. My response to Husna was that I would respond to her thoughts in a couple of weeks when my thoughts were more clearer as it's that time of the academic year.

The Awkward Moment

Standing at the front with them two watching you - eeeeeeeeeeeeek! 

I had to chair an event. There were a lot of sisters. Aisha was present. Whilst preparing my notes just before the event, one of my closest brothers gave me a heads up:

"Don't panic but Husna is here"
Good joke.
Don't do this to me!
"Bro, I'm Sorry but you're awesome, chill!"
Why are you sorry? Haha - Okay breatheee SoulSeek, breathe!!!

I really needed that for last minute preparations! I'm confident and I have the ability to speak publically. But boy, my heart started to race. It felt so bizarre and difficult to maintain a confident smile.

In the corner of my eye, I saw 'that' Abaya I last saw her in. I just couldn't look to confirm if it was her, I felt so shy and my face was flush. I had to maintain eye contact with key brothers, so I placed a few guys strategically within the audience. I'm such a badass!

Whilst I was talking. Within my peripheral vision; that one distinctive Abaya . . . got up and left.

I have to presume she didn't leave because of me. Her email really didn't reflect that, at all.

Plan B is now in operation after I hand in my dissertation. What is plan B? That will come in time, my precious.

Ya Allah glorify me with the patience and wisdom to make a good, and fair decision so that I may benefit in this World and the life-after. Ameen.


  1. awww lol... dude i been wondering when your going to post another blog. I was getting bored without your updates lol.
    When i saw that pic and read the caption i felt like 'wowww' i don't know how you done it with the both of them being there. Very confident mashaAllah.
    And with the husna thing- that brother i was on about, he's so like that aswel! Saying like 'if Allah wills, it will happen' ofcourse that's true but then it's not going to happen while we just sit here doing nothing, it only happens if you use the means that Allah has given you to make it happen. If you really want it to.

    You said you recieved responses from both of them? Is that going to come in another post?
    I shall wait. But ye its exam time so concentration should be on that for now.
    Peace out :)

  2. Salam,

    Plan B? As in the Plan B from 'The Practice'? LOL.

    Good luck with everything, bro. Inshallah her father will realize that moral prospects don't come around every day.

  3. Effervescent - I'm one for accepting people not conforming to certain ideas or views but I find it difficult to understand, when intelligent people can't make sense of something so simple.

    Circumstances keep changing on a daily basis, so I'm just seeing how things go before posting an update.

    y - Walaikum Salaam,

    Haha, no - To be honest, I no longer think the issue lies with her father, it seems it is now with her.

  4. lol, she's doing "the system" on you...
    And its working!
    What a clever girl ;0)

  5. Jasmine - I forbid you from leaving me hanging like that! Explain!!! lol

  6. Soul, relax dude! ^_^

    I can't believe you pulled the presentation off very well (assuming from what you wrote) and still worry about these things.

    To me, a presentation in front of two people shatters me to pieces @_@

    I really don't know why you're so nervous... but, wait. That could only mean you're so into her? :)

    Okay, I sense that I'm getting on someone's nerves here heehee

    Good luck and keep it up ^_^ d



  7. salams,
    Hey, I'm glad you give her another shot! Wohoo!
    I think, by "system" Jasmine is refering to "playing hard to get" that's my wild guess. I seriously empathize with brothers sometimes, I find some sisters to be too complicated to handle.


  8. Wsalaam - You guys are going to be fairly shocked over the next few instalments!

  9. Read "Doc Love's "The system" - written for guys but used by girls