Saturday, 22 August 2009

The First Experience – Lessons Learnt

So, was it worth telling her? Was it worth thinking so far ahead?

Like you wouldn’t believe it.

This experience changed so many things for me.

It strengthened my Imaan. I couldn’t quite explain this but whilst feeling anxious and confused during this whole experience I left my trust with Allah and I felt so calm/relaxed. The end result is always from Allah. We can never change that. This outlook lets you know what you’re not alone in this struggle.

As a result of strengthening my Imaan, it’s improved my character, work for the deen and the way I think.

Maturity. I started thinking of issues I thought I wouldn’t encounter for years to come. I become responsible for my actions. I thought of consequences. I thought of outcomes.

Enlightened thinking. My thought process has changed for the better. Things don’t appear as linear as they used to. A box no longer appears as just a box. It’s a multi-dimensional box with a surface area and volume, which is made for an intended purpose.

The logic behind Islam. We accept that Islam is a way of life but sometimes we can’t help but compromise Islam in situations such as these. Islam has a unique system to regulate the interaction of male/female. It gives us examples of how to choose the best potential partners. It also teaches us how to get married.

These are just some of the things.

These experiences occur for a reason. To take lessons and get some practice in for the right one.

I feel . . . content. Allah has something bigger in-store for me.


  1. May Allah make it easy for you! Ameen. Remember that Allah NEVER wastes the good deeds of a believer.

  2. As'salaam Walaikum, u told her too soon? your past?

    yea, everything is a lesson learned, no matter how painful or bad it just builds u up in akaal, wisdom. chin-up.