Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Beginning Of Many Blessings To Come

It seems everybody seems to be making joint, collective duas for me. It really makes me blush when I hear about it.

I lose count of all these blessed people that check on me to see how I'm doing. Hoping in some shape or form they can help. Even if they can't they say "I will make dua for you." I say I don't feel deserving of it. And they reply with "it's the least we can repay you with."

One of my readers, SI said the following:

"My mum always says that if you're good to people, help them out, then Allah (swt) automatically creates people who do the same for you."

It's true. What she said right there? Magic.

Remember my adventurous escapade that involved a 400 miles journey for a 10 hour interview? It was for one of the largest and best companies to be at.. in the word.

A presentation. An interview. 3 groups excercises. 3 individual excercises. A negotiating task. And an exam.

I didn't sleep that night. I had some serious milage to cover and I made it to the site for 6:30am. 2 hours before the process. (Protip: Don't take advice from geetarhiro again.) I tried my best and I did super. I received feedback and I demonstrated some of the best strengths and competencies. The task I failed on was the easiest task of them all. The negotiating task. It was just a 10 minute excercise. I ended up missing the point and digressing. Blame the lack of sleep.

I thought, what's going to top is company? I mean seriously? It was the one company I was going to make, regardless. I know my competencies and strengths.

Yesterday I received a phone call from another company. I was told I couldn't have handled the interview any better. I was made a job offer for an up and coming firm within the UK. The irony? I prepared for the interview on the day. It was at 4pm and I woke up at 11am to start preparing. Granted, I was beyond confident but I usually always put in a few days into things like these. The package works out sweeter than the other company. With them I would have to made the sacrifice of commuting for 2 hours each way. New Job? 3 minutes. I kid you not. Door to door by car. Actually thinking about it? I did make dua. And I asked Allah to help me "For whatever is in the best interest for me in my deen and my future." The commuting alone would have stopped me attending my tafsir classes 5 times a week. As I would be arriving home late. Therefore compromising on my other commitments and obligations.

That is the thing about the Lord of Ala'min. None come close to his wisdom and majesty. He is the all the knowing. And the most gracious. He is kind to his believers.

I had confidence in him from the beginning.

I start at the end of this month. I'm excited. Seem like a great bunch of guys to be working with.

In other news. 2 prospects are next on the list. They really do seem extraordinary. On paper anyways. Lets see how that works out.

Lets make a collective dua. A dua for each other. And a dua for all those that are suffering. Be it famine, be it war, be it marriage. It is the weapon of a believer. I have faith and so should you.


P.S. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for my book on "How to become a Millionaire : The Dua edition" ;o)


  1. Aw shucks...

    Yay - good for you. Where's the barfi dude and who's IBM?!

    I've been working five minutes away from home the last two years and I love it.

    Not good at negotiating....umm how are you going to deal with your wife? ;P

    Ameen to your dua...

  2. I think the duas and well wishes were just the cherry on top, it was really your determination and strong faith in Allah (swt) that got you your rewards!

    good luck.x

  3. Subhanallah! See, this is why HE is the creator and the giver. Truly, when you make the heartfelt Dua to protect your Deen, then Allah makes it easy for you and better for you. I'm happy for you and will make Dua that you will In Shaa Allah, find peace, happiness, respect and support in your career and in your future wife. Ameen.

  4. That's awesome - alhamdullilah. My previous job was just up the road from home, so I could walk there and back every day. It's good exercise, and it also lets you have flexible work times - because you don't have to worry about traffic if you need to work a little late on a day.

    All the best to you with that job; and on the new prospects. As long as you keep Allah pleased, you have everything you need. I was always strict on that when it came to jobs - I'd reject anything that involved alcohol, interest, etc. And when it came to my own 'quest', as soon as I did things correctly - in terms of proper Islamic etiquettes - I was successful.

    Just goes to show Who is really in control :)

  5. MashaAllah, that's great! It's not just dua. Allah wanted it to happen for you because there was khair in it.