Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It All Comes To Light Sooner Or Later

What a week. I have never filtered through so many prospects in one sitting. Allah bless my helpers! 3 who are ticking my boxes so far. Filtering time!

It all comes to light sooner or later.

I just have to drag this out not for the sake of dragging it out but as a lesson.

Aisha. This is the last time you will ever hear her name being mentioned here. I ended things based on that gut feeling. Intution, that's what it's called. I've gone through how Allah listens to the sincere heartfelt dua of a believer.

My intuition was right about this girl. Trouble. News has travelled over a 100 miles about what she has been up to. Sad and dissappointing. However, it gives me that ultimate peace and tranquility in how she would have never suited me. This is my istikhara answered. 1.5 years later. That's the beauty in Allahs wisdom.

Another case. My mother wanted me to marry my first cousin over 2 years ago. I rejected because I saw culture and no deen. Besides, I wasn't a fan of marrying within our relatives. Mother til this day kept bringing it up. "You had the best girl available and you rejected her. Now somebody else is marrying her."

Aunty gave my mum an update, she's moved on from the simple girl she was. No hijaab, skinnies and almost vest like kameez (top). Mum finally understands what I've been trying to say for  years. Alhamdulillah, that's patience, perserverance and dawah.

Saved yet again. Istikhara. Deep, deep stuff.

He's keeping someone special for me. He's protected me one too many times. Exciting times are ahead insha'Allah.

When I do find her. I've got some scary figures for you guys.


  1. I really really admire your faith brother. It's awe inspiring really.

    I hope you find her soon and when you do, it will be worth it.

    Keep your chin up dude. (:

  2. your positive attitude is really something!

    I agree with complications. You will be rewarded soon for your patience insha'Allah! :)

  3. i console myself on exactly da same premise..God has saved me for the one who's praying for me :-))
    p.s. u dint reply to my gmail...

  4. Yes, glad you have kept firm in your faith alhamdulillah! Istikhara is deep and powerful stuff, but if you hold fast on the will of Allah, then he will show you the way. I haven't even had to do Istikhara for the last few prospects because over the course of one meeting, their intentions became clear, sometimes over the phone. But keep fast to your faith in Allah, and keep working on becoming a better muslim. In Shaa Allah, you will find the right person who'll see you and be the best in Iman for you. Ameen.

  5. yeah its bad when people change and aren't simple anymore.

  6. I agree about istikhara. It has certainly saved me from at least 2 extremely wrong decisions.

    Good luck with those 3. :)