Friday, 18 January 2013

Past Quests: Four Girls And A Meerdog

Over the last year there was an interesting time. The suitor I was pursuing, things didn't work out for a while. 4 suitors stepped up and sparked some interest in me. I talk of 4 in particular because they were whose parents I had either spoken to or gotten past the preliminary stage.

Girl #1. My sister had dragged me to a marriage event at a Masjid to be her Wali, my intention was to catch up on a few lectures on my ipod and just reflect for the day. My sister and her cheeky friend decided to sign me up. As soon as I walked in after parking up, the Imaam said "Soulseek?" I responded. "The event's started, jaldi (quickly)." You cheeky sods. They signed me up for the event.

The women severely outnumbered the men and most of their 'hijaabs' conveniently slipped off. I made really good friends with a number of organisers and brothers. Totally awkward but I did good. A lot of sister's requested to find out more about me.

The organiser approached me "Soulseek, this is unusual but a family wants to speak to you". Enter blue eyes.

Such a lovely family. I actually felt shy as I'd never been approached by a mother, daughters and the father. We talked and whilst she was so humble, it didn't work out. We were too different. #1 and #2 were the only event based suitors.

Girl #2. Good sister, had a lot of great qualities but this girl totally didn't look her age. She was interested in me. I spoke to her brother and it turns out she was almost 10 years older than me. I never minded a few years but 10 was a bit much for me.

Girl #3. A humble and laid back girl. Spanish roots = +points. She looked extremely promising but both felt quite different about the future and outlook on some issues. Enough to find we didn't have a great deal in common. 

Girl #4. This was hard. I really liked this girl. Sophisticated, to the point, crazy jokes and a wonderful personality. We wanted to marry. Things moved immensely quickly. My mother vetoed it. I got angry. I agreed to let it go.

Here's the meerdog:

P.S. I'm no longer actively searching and I'm laying low but some people have come forward. I'll talk about that another time.


  1. Wow. New depths. I knew it would happen eventually.

  2. assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah why did your mother vetoed?

  3. ^ i had that question while reading this too...

    i wish more masjids had events like that, actually. none of the cities i've lived in have done it.

    interesting blog :) i'm adding you to my reading list. check mine out as well!

  4. Ah, that sucks. I'm guessing your mother had some cultural reason to it?

    Have you spoken to your mother about whom she would accept for you? It would give you an idea of the situation as well as room to speak of some kind of compromise?