Wednesday, 22 September 2010


My last post was, well . . . rubbish.

I didn't get to proof read it and it's not how I wanted to put my message across.

We're all allowed a poor entry - right?


  1. i think its better coming across the way it was, than the way you would edit and mold it.
    more truthful, i suppose.
    never nice to acknowledge- but great to learn from. and to realise what you want...and not have to sidle halfheartedly towards.

  2. dont apologise yh.. if u need to say it like that then u gotta say it

  3. I'd just like to say something re: the following: "At times I found non Muslims more accepting than some Muslims."

    I find muslims specifically in UK - if they are practicing look down upon non-muslims, and are surprised at times when non-muslims come off better than our hijabis or brothers who pray 5 times a day etc. the quran constantly refers to the believers. not just to muslims. Allah is not talking to just muslim, Allah is speaking to all of his creation. Allah created everything on this planet, from the pig we can't eat to every human being. A believer is someone who believes in the existence of God. There is good and bad people every where. There is white trash, but then there is brown trash, arab trash also. I just wish Muslims wouldn't think we are so much better than others just because we were privileged to be born in Islam, only Allah can judge, and honestly my exp. has been so much better with non-muslims raised with good values.

    Also, I totally feel your pain. You sound young, but I'm 27, and honestly didn't think finding a husband would've been this hard. I thought I would be married with kids at this point. And although I've met great ppl along the way, and been very close to getting married several times, it just did not happen. And this past year after I took the decision to walk away from all my proposals, I've realized that there is so much more to life than being fixated on this one thing and so much to be greatful for from Allah. And I personally think you're on the right track. Marriage is not a project. It will happen when it happens. The important part is that you have every intention to get married, and Allah is aware of what is in your heart. As long as you're steadfast and ask Allah for the contentment you seek. focus on things in your life that you can control. enjoy the company of your lovely family. and see where life takes you, you will be ok. inshAllah.