Monday, 28 June 2010

SoulSeek & Geetar Hiro are going on a break!

Assalamu Alaikum y'all,

I know how you've all been waiting for Part 2 of the Aisha story but in all honesty I just haven't been able to get round to writing it up. It's ironic how I was looking forward to the holidays and I haven't been able to do the things I've wanted to do!

A group of us are setting off on a wild camping road trip somewhere outside of the UK. I haven't seen my sweet brother in a while. I'll be setting off soon for a very long drive to his house and then from there we leave at fajr tonight :D

It's definitely going to be one for the books!

I feel frustrated. I want to ride out this whole being single thing. Young muslim women in the west are no longer serious. Okay, who am I kidding? Whilst it sounds cliché there is some truth in that. I really need some time off. It's the first time out of the country since I last went umrah, when I was a young kipper 6, almost 7 years ago. Wow. The phone will be on flight mode (oh, how I've dreamt of doing that for extended periods to block all forms of communication!) throughout the whole trip but whilst everyone is asleep I'll be able to start writing a few notes on my iPhone ;)

You will all be in our dua's insha'allah. When I return, I'll be working on part 2 and I'll try to post it for Sunday. I won't make the mistake of rushing it again.

'til then habibis.


  1. Have a safe journey! :D And there are definitely still some Muslimahs who are very much serious. You just have to keep looking for the one that's best for you. :) Remember to make dua for yourself on this trip as a traveller's duas are accepted. :)

  2. Salams Br. SoulSeek,
    Sounds like fun and fun!!! Have a fun trip, inshaAllah. Just keep your eyes might find the one out in the woods..

    Otherwise, live your days like there's no tomorrow.


  3. Salaam.. aw thats so kwl!! Hope you have a great time inshaAllah. Its always good to get away for a bit (and clearly you need to get away, its been so long! lol).

    @hijabi.sailoress, lol he will find her in a abaya made from bear skin, swinging from vines with a banana leaf hijab ok, maybe he's not going to the land of Muslim jungle book but hey that would be interesting.

    And Im totally the same- holidays started a while ago and I havent been able to do anything that I wanted to focus on. But ah well, we can get through it in our own time :) we have the rest of the holidays left inshaAllah.

    Take care. ^_^ fi amanillah

    p.s. you slightly offended a young Muslim woman in the west who is serious! ¬_¬
    lol 'tis kwl I know where your coming from, I see it with the young Muslim men too

  4. Humph, there are a lot of serious Muslimat women in the west, and it's offensive for you to say something like that. What I've found is that a lot of "Muslim" men in the west will ignore the good Muslim women and instead have girlfriends, or else just marry from back home. Meanwhile, we women continue our education, getting masters, PhDs and MDs, waiting and waiting for someone who will respect us, but the truth is, very few Muslim men will put in the effort of respecting us. May Allah guide you.

  5. Bro, I know your struggle...trying to find the right person is such a mission! But you know, Allah's plan is beyond our understanding...all the experiences you have will help build you inshA into the individual that your wife will cherish and love. And when you find her, I'm sure she'll have been worth the wait. :)


  6. S4N - Insha'allah.

    Sailoress - That really made me laugh, haha :)

    Efferv - Jazakallah Khair. And alhamdulillah you understand my gist :)

    Anonymous - Sarcasm doesn't half travel over a post :)

    Ah it's nice to a proactive feminist on my blog. Alhamdulillah. See how you defensively generalised about "Muslim" men? Indeed. May Allah guide us all.

    RedBerries - The haqq is beautiful and thank you for leaving some here!

  7. I must admit I bristled at the comment that western muslimahs aren't serious in marriage....
    Of course we are! lol. But some of us dont have the luxury of being allowed to choose our own partner!!
    I am deadly serious about wanting to marry but due to difference in opinions, between my parents and I, of what constitutes a good husband ( Rents- Freshy relly, Me- Muslim race nt important), I guess I will be single for a bit longer.

    I can understand how frustrating it is for you at this time with the whole Aisha/Husna business. But us sisters are having to suffer just as much ( although under different circumstances!!)

  8. asalamu alykum everyone,
    i think, i can see why some muslimah can come off as indecisive or "not serious" about marriage. i've a theory, i think, the main cause of all this is..the marriage itself..the marriage is one difficult yet important decision of our lives. as human being we can't always be certain about what we want and marriage is one of those things we know..we want it..but again, the qualms of our own soul never leaves us alone..So, i think, it would be wrong to say that muslimah either at west or east are not serious, instead it is fitting to acknowledge it is part of human nature to change our heart once in a while. :P
    Allahu Alim..

  9. KAV-Z - I feel for you. The ironic thing is those that are mentally prepared and ready they have another set of obstacles to overcome such as the parents. Are you a desi?

    Sailoress - I completely agree. It happens to even me. Sometimes I wake up asking myself if I'm really ready? Humans in their very nature question and doubt things. We are indecisive when it comes to making life changing decisions because we've seen marriage change lives for the better or worse.

    I wasn't making a sweeping generalisation. You must remember. My reality is different to yours and vice versa :)

  10. Define desi? :s
    Well my family is from a remote part of Kashmir- on the LOC. Our clan doesn't like to marry outside or lower castes.
    I am british born though and by definition have apparently become too westernised!! ( im not btw...i wear jilbab/hijab, done my umrah n hajj, studying msc but can run my household! (Y)).

    Im ready for marriage as many of my western yet muslim mates are...its just about getting our parents to consider men who are practising and not look at their race or caste!
    Hence why I remain single in my mid twenties...not that im complaining. Sailoress hit the nail on the head
    "marriage is one of those things we know..we want it..but again, the qualms of our own soul never leaves us alone".

  11. i'm sure you've heard of the famous saying from contemporary shuyukhs that say " if the next lecture is about MARRIAGE. you can easily fill an auditorium with massive amount of people". I think, we can agree to that, however, the sad reality is that..we just like to hear what is an ideal qualities we should look in a spouse etc..we like to hear/learn theory..the ideals..and unfortunately,only 1.0% of us truly put those theories into practice.

    Just take a look at our know (as in Sr. Kav-lee)'s case. I'm sure, her my parents know that Allah swt made us into different nations and tribes so we can get to know eachother. however, our parents or worst our own generations don't seem to remember that when we have the opportunity to make a change. Just recently, a really nice brother showed a great interest..when he found out that I am not Palestanian, he withdrew. :s.

  12. hijabisailoress7 July 2010 at 06:14

    Ps: how is brother geetarhero? is he getting married this summer, insha'Allah? I pray that he is in best of his iman and health. ameen.

  13. Kav-Lee - Desi is a wide term used for South Asians from The Bengali/India/Pakistani region. Masha'Allah, insha'Allah you'll find some soon!

    Hijabi - I think you've highlighted a very, very important issue there. We've become a bunch of idealists and we rarely put these ideals into practice. That's the sad reality of our reality unfortunately :( Ride it out Sister. Insha'Allah persevere, can't be far from it now.

    He is very well! His wife to be is already making preparations for the wedding, insha'Allah they'll be getting married later on in the year!