Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Departing for the journey of a lifetime

Assalamu Alaikum all,

I'll keep this brief as I'm departing this week. Last year, I tried to make this happen but it didn't work out. In August 2016 I set a reminder for the 30th of January this year. "Get ready for hajj." it said.

And that I did. 

I set out to scour all the hajj groups in the UK. Researching and touching base with most Hajj operators in the country, few months down the line I found a group that met our initial requirements.

Earlier this year, we travelled throughout Europe. She looked at me and said "this will be our first trip apart". I told her that "Allah is the best of planners and he will make a way for you." She instinctively put her hands around her stomach, looked down and said nothing. We were in our second trimester. 

After istikhara and logistically trying to work out whether she could join for hajj we decided against it. Our first child was due some 30/40 days before hajj. Last month our first child was born. Alhamdulillah, both he and the mother are healthy. 

However, I'm upset for her. I'm upset that she cannot join me. She's really wanted this and it just didn't quite happen. 

I continued in the pursuit of hajj and the time is finally here. This week I have the honour in taking my mother to make my deceased fathers' hajj. I will also complete my own. As she is frail and aging, her physical abilities are diminishing daily. It just had to be this year.

I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm afraid, I'm upset and I'm incredibly fortunate. I'm preparing for the life that awaits after hajj. For the last few months I've spent every day thinking of every change that will be represented when I stand in front of Allah on the day of Arafah and then proceed to stone the jamarat; thinking of each habit/action that needs to change. 

I will keep you all in my duas, especially those of you that are looking to fulfil half of your deen despite the challenges it displays. 

I would also like to thanks Yacoob, aka as Dreamlife for his incredible posts/tipsheets and presentations on hajj. They've helped me a bunch. You can find him over at 

I love you all for the sake of Allah. 

Peace, blessings and love, 

Your brother in Islam :)


  1. Walaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu. It's fate that I happened to check your blog post tiday :)

    May your Hajjes be mabroor and maqbool. And may you and your wife get the chance before long.

    For this trip though, don't set expectations too high though please. Just enjoy it and take maximum benefit. Allah has it planned out so don't have too many set expectations. Keep your heart clean and strive. There's no other place or journey like it :)

    Email me if you get a chance. Would be nice to keep in touch.

    1. Jazakallah Khair and thanks for the timely reminder. Every hajj training course I've been on have pretty much said the same, so I'm trying to manage my expectations.

      I'm also setting out to pace myself. As a new father I feel extremely tired already.

      I hope to get the basics right and everything else will be a bonus. I am expecting the worst, as I've also heard the lows. I pray Allah grants me the patience to see it through and support me.

      I've dropped you a line bro.

  2. This is beautiful akhi! May Allah swt take your and your to hajj safely, bring you back safely, make it an easy, beautiful, blessed journey of a lifetime. May he bless you with an accepted hajj and may Allah swt bring you back next year with your wife, ameen, thumma ameen. Much Duas and Prayers,


  3. Subhanallah! To have followed your journey from the beginning, you gave me so much hope when searching for a partner. May Allah make Hajj easy for you and your mother, may Allah bless your wife and child for their patience and Sabr whilst you are away. Please make dua for the ummah, for me and my husband and families.