Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Some Thoughts On Older Entries

Assalamu Alaikum,

I have some leg work to do in bringing the quest up to scratch. I'm no longer seeking marriage and I haven't done so since things began to dip down around here.

I have a lot of drafts lurking about, with full entries on my findings along the way.

Would you find it beneficial if I shared them with you? 


  1. I am interested in reading them. But I don't understand, are you married or are you not?

  2. wa alaykum asslaam,

    We dont come here for other than to read. So if you may,our eyes are peeled :-)

  3. Based on the impact your previous writings seem to have had on readers, I would think yes - it would be good to post them. You may just benefit yourself as well, through re-reading them, and seeing what the feedback is like.

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  5. are you going to post these????

  6. Did you meet her finally? All the post are confusing me now LOL...its always great to find out how two people chose each other and made that commitment....after all this struggle....we do for sure would want to know how you met the one? Or what's the other goal you were working on???