Sunday, 5 August 2012

Smashing Hardship On The Nose

During your lifetime, you will recall moments of joy, happiness and laughter.

Then there will be moments of sadness, grief, oppression and corruption.

Fortunately for me, I'm challenged with a barrage of upsets in my life. Things have gone from bad to worse. It's tricky.

Misfortune is a moment of fortune. It builds character and it elevates your status in Jannah. 

A lot has happened and I need some perspective. I'm hoping that writing will open something up for me as I attempt to saviour the remaining few days of Ramadan. Allah is my only hope. Now is my moment to shine. Here's me giving it a try. 


  1. Islam is perfect, Muslims aren't.

    That's what my mum told me last night.

    Test of faith SS. Do you really believe or don't you? Irrespective of that fact, doesn't Allah (swt) open doors for you in ways you never imagined?

    You know all the answers because you've been here before. Re-read your blog. And if the answers don't come, it's because you're not looking hard within yourself.

    1. As with everything in life, perspective is gained over reflection, time and experiences.


    1. That was masterpiece. Jazakallah Khair.

  3. When I get really overwhelmed with a test Allah puts me through I just make dua and it really works so well to calm me. That always amazes me as a convert to Islam.