Wednesday, 19 October 2011

O Muslims. Take Heed. Take Action. NOW.

What on Earth is going on here?!

8 years. 8 years. Barbar Ahmed has been detained without trial. 

I'm shocked. I'm also fuming to see so few signatures on the e-petition for our innocent brother Barbar Ahmed. Do we really care about what happens to him? Have we really done anything to help his case? If you one of those that do care. And that you are aware that you will be questioned by Allah when you were made aware of this and you ignored an innocent brothers' perseucation and that you will be questioned - What did you do? Ask yourself now. What will you answer?

Here is the template for the petition. Print-out as many as you can:

1. You can get signatures from your local Mosque after Jummah salah.
2. You can print out several copies of the template and leave them in your local shops, barbers, etc.
3. You can even contact ISOCs and get them to run a campaign like 'JUSTICE WEEK' for Barber Ahmed.

Sign the e petition yourself:

Imagine if he was your blood brother? What lengths would you go to, to help set him free?

''Allah will aid a servant (of His) so long as the servant aids his brother." [Muslim]

I realise the state of the Ummah is bad. Really bad, But this takes the cake. There are over 3 million Muslims in the UK. And we're unable to get a measley 100,000 signatures that literally takes seconds? Allahu Akbar. 

We would rather waste hours on Facebook/YouTube instead. And we wonder why we're oppressed. FIX UP. 

Dear Readers, respected brothers and sisters. Please, do your bit. Post it on your blog. Send it to your friends and family. Lets help our brother in dire need.


  1. e-petition only takes 2 mins to fill - did it last week. It was so simple, there really is no excuse!

  2. I signed it a while ago when it was on 8000 i think.....its sad indeed to see such a small increase since then.

    InshaAllah there is still time.

    JazakAllahkhair for reminder

  3. Salaam brother SoulSeek,

    I honestly wish I could sign this petition, however when I tried to do so, the website stated that it's only open to residents/citizens of the U.K. I will definitely spread word though!

    Insha'Allah, brother Babar Ahmad receives the justice he deserves.