Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hmm. It Is What It Is.

Aisha dropped me a message. Just out of the blue. After a long time. "Random, I know but I was just wondering how you were?"

Kept my response short and simple. She said the reason she dropped me a message, was whilst she was clearing her emails she comes across a few from me and she wanted to know how I was doing. And also to apologise.

"I often feel bad. Please forgive me." She said.

That's deep.

Of course I forgive you. Whatever happened, happened. I want you to be happy and I do care for you. I choose not to stay in touch for the greater good. No other reason.

"I hope Allah has replaced with someone better?"

I didn't respond. Allahu Allam.

'It is what it is . . . ' - A killer street saying if I ever heard one.


  1. Just marry her already lol

  2. Eid Mubarak!!

    that sign is so cool... oh its good that you have no bad feelings about what happened. btw did u let her know this? that you have forgiven her?

    Just let it go & put your trust in Allah

    from your sister in Islam

  3. BK27 - Behave :P

    Ness - Eid Mubarak to you too!

    Indeed lol.

    Of course, I told her this half a year ago and I told her again.

  4. I'm reading the posts backwards so I'm still not sure what happened but alhumdulillah kulli haal. Always strange to get emails from someone you were once communicating for marriage. Especially, if it's to check up on your current status. lol. Oh well.