Sunday, 17 January 2010

Disappearing act update

First of all, apologies to my readers. I'd like to thank those whom emailed me to check the status of my welfare :)

So much has happened over the past couple of months. I've been ridiculously busy and been working hard with dawah, university amongst other commitments.

I've picked up so much knowledge on the arena of marriage. It's such a hot topic at uni and it's really interesting hearing individual accounts on their journey to marriage. Attended a really interesting marriage conference and I made a horde of notes ^.^

I'm currently in the process of looking into a potential and alhamdulillah, things appear good. Extremely intelligent and pious. Personalities and Islamic concepts match. I can't really talk too much about it at at this moment in time. But please keep me in your duas Insha'Allah!

The bad news is, the next few months of blogging will be fairly slow but Insha'Allah I'll try my best to keep up the quality of content.


  1. tweet tweet,

    You're right about the new approach, and man, I'm so glad to hear about your new potential, i've got a good feeling about this ;-)

  2. salam,

    great to see you back. good luck with your potential. 'intelligent and pious' are always a plus. and remember piety is the most important thing. don't sacrifice it for some other quality. of course you probably already know that, but just a reminder =)

  3. Frau Quest - I've got a few bombshells to drop, more to come in due time! Is your quest still on hiatus?

    y - Jazkallah Khair and of course insha'Allah :)

  4. Glad to have you back and blogging. Sorry I'm replying late. InshaAllah, hope everything goes well with this potential. Good luck! :D

  5. S4N - Jazaks! I've been reading your stuff but time is such a commodity when you're stuck into uni amongst other obligations! I will comment in due course insha'Allah.