Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sedated Under Euphoria

"You have really nice teeth." That's the last voice I registered. "You should really invest in Sonicare's diamondcare, it's quality" is the last thing I spoke.

That's what I remember before being awoken by a sharp noise piercing through the temple of my head. I opened my eyes. Bright reflections of teal scrubs were surrounding my body. "He seems to be coming around" she said.

"This" was the first word. "feels, really weirrrrr" before my body jolted off the bed. "I dohn" before jolting up again. I had never experience such cold. My joints felt like they had been taken apart, I was dislocated, disabled and unable to move. I could hear my teeth snapping. "Why am I shivering?" I asked. "Can you call her please". After my body jumped up a few more times, I told Sarah "I don't understand why this is happening."

"Don't worry SoulSeek, you've reacted in an unusual way. You're going to be okay."

"This is really weird." I said. Taking in what she said "Thank you, can you please call her?" I asked the other nurse.

The heat started from my feet and made it's way to my body. The shivering started to slow down. I was given a number of tablets and injections. "You're going to fall asleep again soon." I was told by Sarah

It's a nostalgic feeling.

You step outside of your body, conscious and full aware of what's happening, down to the intricate details of what's being used and for what purpose. Whilst all this is happening, you're thinking of a future and you talk of that future whilst shivering. I've been to this place before but I don't know how and I don't know when, I thought. The colour tones have a green/blue undertone. A tone of my childhood. A tone that represents everything surrounding and associated with comfort and happiness. It is a place where I feel at rest with my fingers interlocked behind my head with my elbows point up to the sky. And you see all those people associated with that moment. This was that moment. She came rushing and she held my hand. My body jumped up again and she started to rub the palm of my hand, this time she held my hand firmer. It was a hold that would never leave my side. I smiled at her. After reassuring me, she refused to leave. "I promise you one thing." I paused. "Allah is my witness here. We're going to get through this." I said. I have never felt so proud of anyone and this is a feeling that I can only describe as a new experience. I've always had this place for her and she knows it but the peak keeps increasing after milestones.

I asked her if she had prayed Maghrib and eaten anything. I reminded her to take the papers out of the locker. This is the part where my eyes drifted away.

She was not my mother. Nor was she my sister. Rather, she was the most perfect thing to have stepped into my life. 


  1. Is this what I think it is? :D

    (Glad to know the surgery went well though!)

  2. Alhamdulillah you are on the road to recvery after this experience. May Allah give you Shifa inshallah.

  3. Glad to know that one of the duaa's I made for someone has been accepted.

    I'm too fly for y'all. (dusts off shoulders)

    No but in all seriousness. Takbeer is in order and I am going to be the honorary takbeer girl.


    Can I get Allahu Akbar up in this blog? Kk thnx bye.

    P.S These cliff hangers really need to stop.

  4. Allahuakbar! "She was the most perfect thing to have stepped into my life" SubhanAllah! Loved it :)

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