Friday, 21 December 2012

Half Glass Full

Right, so we have this expression for optimism (half full) and pessimism (half empty).

I think Muslims have a real positivity problem. Actually not just Muslims but humans in general. Even when we're perfectly good we're so used to saying we're 'not bad' or 'could be better'. Ya'ani, what's going on? Heck, even I am embarrassed at myself for being so grumpy most of the time despite the fact that I rarely feel pessimistic and certainly have very few confidence issues. I try my best to be positive because surely happiness, a smile and giving positive vibes is something which is seen and expressed and transmitted to those around you in your manner and character and speech. It's Sunnah to smile for a reason folks.

Allah tells us in the qur'an that he wants us to be 'half-glass full' kinda folks. I was scrawling though my tafsir notes and this has been on my mind lately.

I love the versatility of the Qur'an, the lessons and understanding are purely limited by insaan. Let's take a look at this ayah:

"Remember (O Prophet (saw)) when Allah made you see them in your sleep as few: if He had shown them to you all as many, you would certainly have lost heart and argued about it, but Allah saved you." [8:45]

Okay lets put aside the specific reasons of revelation aside for a moment, which in Al-Anfal (spoils of war) this ayah happens to be about the battle of badr and being seriously out numbered by the mushriks. Lets read into the understanding behind the words. The message is: 'Listen up, these dudes have a serious army coming your way. So bloody what?! They ain't nothing compared to you guys. Go for it and don't look back!'

Allah explains in the verse is that if He had shown all the believers the true numbers and strength of the enemy, they would have started to doubt themselves and get anxious, nervous, and be divided. If you look at half a glass of water and think of nothing but what you've missed out on, you'll achieve nothing but misery and be wasting your time. But if you see opportunity, hope and happiness in whatever is in front of you, be it a half a glass of water or just a difficult, what seems irretrievable situation, then your positivity will bring you results that you can never have imagined.

There so much negative vibes in the air and around but it's not hard to see why - We're surrounded by negativity 24/7: Poverty, war, hijaab banned, war, OMG don't let the American shooter be a Muslim, poverty, dude just killed his daughter for marrying outside caste, war, terrorism, OMG he's that 'kind' of muslim, haraam police, ramadhaan and eid moon fitnah, beard police, war, famine etc.

The prophet (saw) was an incredibly positive man. Y'all know what happened in ta'if. At times when the sahabah's saw things as 'half-glass empty' the prophet remained to see it as 'half-glass full'. He saw opportunity when others saw disaster. History bears witness to how the prophet's positivity has changed the world forever. Me, you.. Makkah we're all a part of that. Epic legacy.

In life, when the odds seem insanely stacked up against you - You're in control. Leaders are created under these circumstances. Going back to my father's death, when everyone thought this was it, I made the challenge manageable in their eyes even though I was struggling myself. We've gotta make the mountain ahead just a series of small paths and slopes. Make those under feel bigger and better than they are, then the chances are that your people will surprise you and surprise themselves as well. This is what the prophet did and he is the best of examples.

Listen up, you know how Allah made the enemy look few? The believers went and smashed it. They destroyed hardship. When you're put up with an insane bunch of problems - go and smash that badboy 'cause you have Allah on your side.

He promises you that he will not burden you with what you cannot bear.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Couldn't have said it better myself :)

  2. Just got two words - MashaAllah and Alhumdulillah. :D