Saturday, 29 May 2010


Assalaamu Alaikum my cronies, long time! 

I walked out of my last exam and this is how I felt:


It is the end of an epiiiiiiiiiic era. I really can't believe it. The feeling hasn't quite sunk in yet, I'm still celebrating with the joys of finishing Uni and the company of brothers. We've been through some crazy times together. Good and Bad. I don't think I would have quite made it without key characters I've met in my journey. They've helped me see things more clearly especially when it came to the biggest headache of a single muslims' life; marriage. Throughout the whole year we've all been there for each other with failure. Alhamdulillah . . I love brotherhood! All those missions of hanging out with the brothers til 7am talking about Islam and helping each other. Crazy times indeed. They've been there for me during exam stress, girl issues, last minute dissertation proof reading panics and so many other ventures. Ah, may Allah bless each and every one of them with beautiful wives and children.

This year of University was by far the most testing year I've had in my life.I've never had so much attention from girls and I've never had so many offers to consider. It has been an extremely confusing yet strangely, an educating time. News to me, apparently I picked up the nickname pretty boy amongst 'sisters'. As you can imagine . . that in itself is a price to pay. Girls talk. And they make up a lot of stories too. Alhamdulillah, Allah protects those whom he loves and my reputation precedes itself so any rumours have died wherever they spawned from.

I just can't believe how much I have learnt this year. A very different experience.

Its kind of hit me. Like seriously . . where do I go from here? I knew what I wanted to do and who I wanted be a year ago. I still have a good idea . . but it's quite scary when you actually have to make a decision!

Ultimately as humans our experiences help shape our future. The people we should be. Who sets that criteria? You. I'm still finding my purpose and what I can achieve. The sky is the limit.

This chapter of my life is coming to close and new a one begins. Oh my days! I'm growing up and becoming one of them dreaded things - A MAN!!! 

So where does marriage come into this? Boy . . lol. Deep breath. You know what? Stick around. I've got a lot to say ;) 


  1. Walaikumsalaam bro!!! How are you?
    Dude I been wondering when your gna show up on here again lol, I guessed after your exams.

    I yet have a couple of years in uni, so I will be relating to the post in the future :)
    I know a brother who sometimes stays up with mates through the night chatting about islam, you guys must have had awesome times!!

    But I do get understand that feeling of..'ummmmm...where now???' lol inshaAllah Allah will lay out a successful road for you to tread down.

    Cant wait to hear the rest ^_^ x tc

  2. OOOOO...a cliffhanger...can't wait to hear what's new. Salaam.

  3. I'm goood alhamdulillah, how are you?

  4. Alhamdulillah same as :) all gd