Monday, 22 March 2010

We really will do what we can

I'm harsh on myself. Very harsh. I learn from constantly criticising my actions. A Muslim can never be content with his deeds. There comes a time where one can't blame himself for another persons incompetence.

You are a beautiful sister. You cover elegantly. You are modest. You leave the house to please Allah.

A sincere muslim male will go as far as his deen allows him. But why do the women give up?

Why do they posses such low self-esteem?
Why must they feel they're not good enough or worthy for you?
You're worthy enough to worship Allah yet you say you're not good enough for me?
Why must you give up so easily without persuading your parents?

You can do so much better than me.
You don't quite realise how many sisters like you.
I think you're too intelligent for me.
I don't think I can give you what you want.

I keep hearing this? Maybe so. But that doesn't stop me from trying.

Guess what? Good things come to those who wait. When you look into that persons eyes and shy away thinking that 'You know what? I could have gone that extra mile' Then, why didn't you?

Hell will be full of people for whom tomorrow never came. Don't be amongst them.

I haven't given up on you yet :-)


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwww so beautiful and romantic lol. what are you gonna do?

  2. salam bro,

    very interesting post, and you bring up some interesting points.

    I think some of this problem may be a lack of communication of ideas between the brothers and sisters. Like, when I see a sister who dresses and acts modestly, and in general, seems like a very pious individual, I sometimes see her as like a perfect angel who I can't even approach. Like, how could a commoner like me go and talk to such a great person? I guess maybe the sisters think the same thing of the brothers. Both sides seem to view religious individuals of the opposite gender as almost angelic as compared to themselves, when in fact, we are all flawed to some degree. If both sides knew this, maybe they would be more confident in approaching people.

    I've actually been thinking about this a lot lately. If you look around, there are people who act and say immoral things, whether it is not lowering the gaze, or saying dirty jokes, or whatever it may be. And yet they do so with no shame, in the most brazen of manner. They are completely confident for reasons which are meaningless, like of how they look, or their personality, or whatever. So why are we so shy and meek? The brothers and sisters who don't engage in such behaviors have nothing to be ashamed of, and every reason to be confident and proud of who they are.

    anyway, best of luck

  3. thats beautiful (:

  4. mashaAllah that's beautiful. This post inspired me to seek out my next best potential. inshaAllah.

  5. Interesting topic! So interesting that ive been reading your older posts and gutted i didnt find this sooner!

    I would like to give my opinion as a muslimah....
    No matter how great we are or how pious we are, there is always that element of negativity towards oneself. It stems from culture and media.
    Culturally we are made to believe we are the inferior gender. Our job is to be a woman....cook, clean, have babies, agree with the menfolk. Our voices and opinions are often unheard. We either become completely passive and negative in nature or end up rebelling against our culture.
    The media portrays women unnaturally. Glossy hair, perfect figures, pearly teeth. Every mans ideal. It is hard to try and live up to this image.

    I am learning to deal with these issues by bragging about myself to friends/family ( jokily tho! im not that vain!) I am trying to detach myself from materialismy stuff.

    On final note.....good luck in your search!
    Your ideal partner is out there...probably searching for you!

  6. Toush - Be patient. It's the only thing to do. I can't go into details at this moment in time but in due course Insha'Allah.

    y - Walaikum Salaam.

    Wow. I really like how you think!

    I was discussing the exact same thing with a few friends and we all came to the same agreement, we just make it difficult for ourselves. As long as our intentions are clean, we do indeed have every reason to approach someone with confidence!

  7. KAV-Z - Thank you!

    That's so true. I touched upon a few of the things you commented on in my post expectations.

    I pray that Allah makes it easier for all of us insha'Allah.